Public interest promotion


Charity sales

Since 2012, Winbond has held several events that involved second-hand items donation and flea market charity sales. The purpose was to raise awareness of resource scarcity among employees, and to look after the underprivileged families. Income from the charity sales were used exclusively for aiding families in crisis. The events have received donations of more than 2,400 books, 643 kilograms of clothing, and 20 boxes of 3C products and utilities, all of which are to be delivered to those who are in need. Recipients include the Christian Relief Association, Eslite Foundation, Association of Families with Mental Rehabilitation Members in Taipei City, Syin-Lu Foundation Taoyuan and Kaohsiung Development Center, Changhua Grace Children’s Home, Tainan Yi-Lin Children’s Training Center of the Light & Salt Culture and Education Foundation, Pingtung Green Mountain Nursery, and Taitung Taiyuan Bookstore.


Blood donation

Each year, Winbond motivates the staff to be happy blood donators. During 2015, 489 employees responded with actions of blood donation, of which, 610 batches of blood were donated by the Taichung plant, and 122 batches by the Zhubei plant.

Look after the underprivileged


Nursery services 

Winbond’s Silence Association selects a neighborhood nursery as the target for long-term aiding service. Members of the association engage in services such as cleaning, collecting/donating invoices, and providing funds for replacement of damaged facilities during weekends or holidays. So far, the Silence Association has provided 1,008 person/times and 2,000 hours of service to the nursery, which substantially alleviates the shortage of manpower in the nursery, but also reduces their costs.


Second-hand computer donation 

In order to make up for the shortage of educational resources in schools and nurseries in remote areas, Winbond is actively engaged in second-hand computer donation programs, in an effort to narrow the digital gap between urban and rural areas and promote the concept of environmental protection. Since 2012, a total of 113 computers have been donated to various organizations including the St. Francis Girl’s Home, St. Francis Children’s Center, Taichung Guang-Yin Nursery, and the Taiwan Sam Yee Development Association



Christmas Dream Fulfillment Project

According to statistics from the Eden Foundation, there are 180,000 students from remote or poverty-stricken areas in Taiwan. Recognizing the need of these students, Winbond, the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, and Accton Cultural & Educational Foundation, along with 20 companies in the Hsinchu Science Park, launched a Christmas Dream Fulfillment Project, an initiative aimed at raising Christmas gifts for underprivileged children in the Greater Hsinchu region. This project receives enthusiastic responses every year. All gift donations are pledged shortly after the beginning of the event. Up to 2015, a total of 726 underprivileged children have had their Christmas wishes fulfilled.


Remote Rural Students’ Breakfast Program

Starting 2011, Winbond has launched a breakfast supply program for school children in remote rural areas. The program was first initiated by Winbond senior managers. Donators voluntarily pledge for their donation of breakfast packages, which are delivered to primary school students in rural areas of Hsinchu and Taichung region through assistance by non-profit organizations. In 2014, the program successfully raised nearly one million NT dollars of breakfast fund within a few days after the program commenced. In 2015, Winbond staff visited the recipient primary schools to see the effectiveness of the program.



Help children to watch a movie

Since 2010, Winbond invites the children in the nursery to watch movies in cinema both at summer and winter vacations, in the hope that such experience would allow the orphans or single-parent children to get a feel of warmth from the society, while learning to appreciate the artistic values conveyed through the movies. Winbond participated in the Public Welfare Program of World View Education in 2015, and bought ticket packages for a documentary film entitled “A Journey of Mission.” These tickets were donated to the students of appropriate age from institutions that Winbond had been sponsoring for a long time.



Nursery children to take part in Family Day


For four consecutive years from 2011 to 2015, Winbond has been holding Family Day every year, during which Winbond invites the Taichung Guang-Yin Nursery and Hsinchu St. Francis Nursery to set a booth in the venue. Using this opportunity, Winbond staff may express their love and care to the nursery children by spending some money buying stuff at the booth. Income from sales in the event goes directly to the nurseries. Since 2011, Winbond has invited 491 children to the Family Day event.



Public lectures

Winbond sponsors Miss Shin-Ling Shen, a young activist of public welfare, for her lecture tours entitled “LOVE Happy LOHAS Lifestyle” delivered to campuses and social welfare institutions. Her lectures aim to inspire children on how to “fish,” and on how to create more opportunities for oneself by transforming existing conditions to one’s advantage. The lectures are designed to spread the charity of knowledge, which is encapsulated in one word or one concept, to bring the children a lifetime change, like planting seedlings of hope into children’s heart. 13 sessions of lectures were organized by Winbond during 2015, with a total of 3,595 persons attending.