"Integrity" is the highest ethical standard of Winbnd. Human Resources Division dedicated to maintaining and enhancing “integrity” as part of company culture through policies making, continuous improvement, education and training. Please refer to “Human Resource/ Implementation of Integrity “ for further details.

Board of Directors and Board Committee Members

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Major Board Meeting resolutions


Training for the Board of Directors

Information of Board of Directors’ attendance and Continuing Professional Education


Election of Directors


Internal Audit


Organization Framework and Implementation of Corporate Governance 

The Company's Operations Management Center is in charge of corporate governance affairs

and charged with the following main responsibilities:

(1) Operations Management Center will study and formulate organizational framework and

systems to optimize the board performance, enhance the transparency of corporate

information, and implement regulatory compliance and internal audit and internal


(2) Operations Management Center plans next year's board meeting dates in the previous

year to facilitate planning and attendance by board members: Pursuant to the Company

Act and the Rules of Procedures for Board of Directors Meetings, Operations

Management Center sends out meeting notice to directors and furnishes adequate

meeting information at least 7 days before the scheduled board meeting and reminds in

advance if any board member has an interest in any of the motions to be discussed in the


(3) The Company has established the Rules for Remuneration and Performance Evaluation of

Directors, and board members perform self-assessment of the board

operations and board members in December every year. The Company will formulate

improvement plan based on the assessment results to boost the performance of the

board of directors in the hope to maximize the efficacy of the board of directors on a long

term basis.

(4) The Company holds a general shareholders' meeting before June 30 every year. The

Operations Management Center will post the Chinese and English meeting notice,

meeting brochure and annual report on the Market Observation Post System for perusal

by shareholders, and implement resolutions or election affairs decided in the

shareholders' meeting afterwards, such as distribution of dividends, registration

ofamended Articles of Incorporation or newly elected directors.