In Winbond, we are devoted to creating a working environment that is physically and mentally balanced. We wish all of our employees to enjoy their work and life. From the viewpoint of health and LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability), we planed to promote various systems and activities that will help our employees develop a balanced and healthy family and work lives.

We believe that creating a comfortable and high quality working environment will bring vigor and development to our employees. We comply with the law that protects female employees and employees under 18 years old. Furthermore, we provide each outstanding employee with generous pay and benefits, and fair opportunities for promotion. We offer professional training courses, such as physical and mental development, and communication training. Through a variety of conferences, we also train responsible, innovative, and efficient Winbond employees. We want our employees to work in a happy atmosphere, get a lot of positive energy, and grow with the company. In Winbond, we have a 24-hour employee care center offering a number of incentives, or free services.

In 2013, Winbond won the "Outstanding Healthy Workplace Health Management Award" from the Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Winbond won the "Outstanding Healthy Workplace - Group Award for Excellent results of the Decade, 2014 " from Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Winbond won the “Family LOHAS medal” and “Health delightful medal” of “Work-Life Balance Award” in 2016 from the Ministry of Labor.



Health examination

Annual health examination
Abdominal sonography
female breast and pelvic sonogram, Pap smear
Optometry examination
Fitness test
Health test

Occupational health nursing good

health consultation with a specialist doctor
Occupational therapist site visit
Emergency Response Team Personnel and First Aid training
CPR & AED First Aid training

Good Health Management

Maternal Health Management
Winbond won the "Annual Taichung City fine breastfeeding rooms in workplace Excellence Award in 2013”.
Health Management of metabolic syndrome
Health management of abnormal liver function

Health promotion

Prevention of urinary tract infections Events
Overwork prevent
Promote regularly exercise habits

Family Activities

Kids Painting Competition
DIY:clay molding

Release the stress and gain the positive energy

KTV room/ Auto massage chair room.
Speech of Expert: Tourism and Environmental Protection Expert、Aesthetics Expert、Health Expert、Excitation Expert.
Employee Assistance Program center



Clothes, Books, Materials donate


The Charity of Knowledge.