We insist that all our business operating activities must take CSR into consideration.  We are vigilant in our enforcement of corporate ethics and legal compliance by improving employee educational programs and strengthening internal control system. At the same time, we constantly pursue the improvement of quality management and environmental preservation, works hard on public service and improves communication with all stakeholders.  We expect all business partners to support and act in accordance with our CSR policy.



Winbond Corporate Social Responsibility Implementation Committee

Winbond has set up a corporate social responsibility (CSR) implementation committee comprising five sub-groups, namely the executive and production outsourcing team, the human resources and plant management team, the product sales team, the accounting management team, and the environmental health and quality team. These teams work together to implement various activities concerning economy, society, and environment. Since the year of 2015, we have incorporated CSR into the formal agenda of the Board. We regularly report to the Board of Directors on the implementation of CSR and the work plan for the next year so that CSR becomes part of the Company’s decision-making process.