Based on Winbond’s corporate culture and business philosophy, according to the definition and categorization of the Code of Conduct for the Electronic Industry and the Sustainability Report Guideline (G4) published by the Global Sustainability Report Association (GRI), the CSR implementation committee summarizes the sustainability literature on three dimensions, namely economic, environmental, and societal. To understand how the stakeholders are engaged with the sustainability issues, we conducted a survey with the corresponding organizations of the stakeholders by means of interview or questionnaire. The participants were asked to rate their “degree of engagement to sustainability issues” on a scale of five options ranging from “Exceedingly engaged,” “highly engaged,” “mildly engaged,” and “marginally engaged.” During 2015, a total of 93 responses were collected. Similarly, for the question “the impact of sustainability issues on Winbond’s operations,” the CSR committee was asked to rate on a scale of 1 to 5 points. The substantial analytical results show that ten issues were identified as key issues, including economic performance, energy consumption and reduction, water consumption and recycling, gas emission, waste water and salvaged material, compliance with legal requirements, environmental compliance, education and training, occupational safety and health, and labor relations. When considering these major issues under the GRI G4 guidelines, indicators relating to management policy is selected as the main aspect for disclosure. For issues of low and medium concern, GRI G4 indicators that already have clear management guidelines are selected for disclosure.



For the issues identified as of high impact, the recommended indicators of the GRI G4 guideline are referenced. Considering the impact of Winbond’s internal operational aspects and external influence, Winbond CSR Implementation Group identifies the major aspects for disclosure and its boundaries as shown in the following table:

Stakeholder Communication