• Features

    W74M01GV: 1G-bit / 128M-byte
    Page size 2,112 bytes (2048 + 64 bytes)
    Block size 64 pages (128K + 4K bytes)
    Standard SPI: CLK, /CS, DI, DO, /WP, /Hold
    Dual SPI: CLK, /CS, IO0, IO1, /WP, /Hold
    Quad SPI: CLK, /CS, IO0, IO1, IO2, IO3
    Compatible SPI serial flash commands
    Uniform 128K-Byte Block Erase
    Flexible page data load methods
    Integrated HMAC-SHA-256 Engine
    4 sets of 256-bit OTP Root Key
    4 sets of 256-bit volatile HMAC Key
    4 sets of 32-bit Monotonic Flash Counter
    On chip 1-Bit ECC for memory array
    ECC status bits indicate ECC results
    bad block management and LUT(2) access
    2KB Unique ID and 2KB parameter pages
    2KB OTP pages
    Software and Hardware Write-Protect
    Power Supply Lock-Down and OTP protection
    Fast Program/Erase performance
    More than 100,000 erase/program cycles
    More than 10-year data retention
    Single 2.7 to 3.6V supply
    25mA active, 10μA standby current
    -40°C to +85°C operating range
WSON 8x6