PSRAM(虚拟静态随机存取记忆体)是由一个DRAM主体核心与传统SRAM介面所组成。晶片上的刷新电路,可省略使用者需要记忆体刷新的考量。相对于传统的CMOS SRAM,PSRAM具有更高容量,高速度,更小的晶片尺寸,以及与DRAM相容的优势。

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Part No. Voltage Speed Temp. Organization Status Automotive Purchase
W968D6DAG 1.8V / 1.8V 133MHz / 70ns -40~85c 16Mbit x16 CRAM P
W958D6DBC 1.8V / 1.8V 133MHz / 70ns -40~85c 16Mbit x16 CRAM-ADM P

Status1:P= Mass Production, S (Time)= Samples (Ready Time), UD (Time)= Under Development (Ready Time), N= Not recommended for new designs

Status2:All Winbond products are "Green", Halogen-Free and RoHS compliant packaging. Refer to the datasheet for details and specifications.