Corporate Governance

"Integrity" is the highest ethical standard of Winbond.


1.Formulation of corporate governance code of practice: passed by the 5th board of directors of the 10th company (detailed rules please refer to our internal major policies under “Compliance)

2.Training for Insider Trading Prevention

Winbond has implemented procedures for prevention of insider trading to protect shareholder equality and maintain the fairness of stock market transactions. Company personnel or employees are prohibited against profiting from information not available on the market. Education on prevention of insider trading is conducted every month to prevent accidental violations of the relevant laws.The directors are prohibited from purchase or sell during the blackout period starting from thirty (30) days prior to the publication date of the annual financial reports ,and, from fifteen (15) days prior to the publication date of the quarterly financial reports.

Types of financial reportsDate of
The Company has notified the directors by email in advance that they are prohibited from trading in their holdings of the Company's issued securities during the lock-up period as a precaution.
Financial report for the 1st quarter of 2022 2022/05/05 2022/04/18
Financial report for the 2nd quarter of 2022 2022/08/04 2022/07/19
Financial report for the 3rd quarter of 2022 2022/11/03 2022/10/18


Corporate Governance Executive

The head of corporate governance of the Company is CFO Chih-Chung Choun.(The proposal was approved by the Eighteenth Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Twelfth Term.)
Role of the Corporate Governance Officer:
The Corporate Governance Executive is responsible for ensuring legal compliance of the Board and shareholders meetings, promoting communication and dialogue between management team and the directors, and among the board members


Execution of Corporate Governance

PDF Execution of Corporate Governance


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