Inclusive Workplace

Inclusive Workplace


In Winbond, we are devoted to creating a working environment that is physically and mentally balanced. We want all of our employees to enjoy their work and life. From the viewpoint of health and LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability), we planned to promote various systems and activities that will help our employees develop a life with a healthy family and work balance.

Winbond believes that a high quality and stress-free work environment will bring vitality and happiness to our employees and thus contribute to their growth. We comply with the laws and regulations regarding the protective measures for female employees and employees under 18 years of age. Outstanding employees are provided with generous pay and benefits, and opportunities for promotion. We offer a wide range of professional courses, training courses on physical and mental growth, and language communication training to foster talents who are accountable, innovative, and teamwork-oriented, so that our employees may grow together with the Company in a joyful atmosphere filled with positive energy.

In September 2016, Winbond won the "Family Lifestyle Medal" and "Healthy Life Medal" of the “Work Life Balance Award” awarded by the Ministry of Labor.

Health examination

Winbond complies with the regulations and arranges special health examinations for employees who are particularly engaged in hazardous operations in accordance with the Labor Health Protection Rules. Winbond offers every employee an annual health examination that exceeds the standards required by laws and regulations with the employee’s consent. Additionally, a series of regular health check-ups are arranged, including abdominal echo, female breast and pelvic sonogram, pap smear, ophthalmology examination, and physical fitness test. From the perspective of preventive medicine, early screening and preventive measures are beneficial for the promotion of comprehensive health management.

Good Occupational Healthcare

Winbond regularly arranges practicing physicians and nurses who are qualified for labor health promotion services and safety professionals to visit the working sites for observing and evaluating potential health risks from a medical point of view. This is part of the efforts to provide employees with a safe and secure work environment, reducing risks of occupation-related diseases.

Regarding first aid, Winbond not only has more qualified first-aid personnel than is required, but also arranges first aid training for the medical staff of the Emergency Response Team on a regular basis so that they can perform first aid without delay. In recent years, all-staff CPR and AED trainings are conducted so every employee masters a useful technique.

In terms of unlawful infringement prevention in the workplace, management practices are set up and training and education conducted in the workplace so that employees can understand the precautionary measures and the procedures for grievance and reporting within the Company. We not only provide propaganda measures but also provide regular education and training to all employees every year to strengthen the management knowledge and skills of supervisors. From the grassroots level to the senior executives, management have completed management-level education and training courses. We also advocate the precautionary measures to all employees.

In order to enhance the supervisors’ perception ability of common problems of employees and for supervisors to assist employees in dealing with their problems, related education and training for the identification of employees’ problems, dealing with the problems and care for the employees was held.

Health Management

Maternal health management: In addition to the protective measures for maternal health required by law, Winbond further provides mothers with the following extra maternity care.

  1. One on one health counseling. Every mommy receives a pregnancy gift and pregnancy card, which allows mommies to understand Winbond’s welfare policies and application methods.
  2. A cozy and comfortable noon-break room is provided for to-be-mommies to take a rest. Additionally, pregnant women’s exclusive parking spaces are provided to help the to-be-mommies alleviate discomfort during pregnancy.
  3. A cozy and comfortable breast feeding room is provided. Winbond won the “Fine Breastfeeding Rooms” in Taichung City’s Annual workplace Excellence Award” in 2013.
  4. Excessive fatigue prevention: For high-risk groups of cardiovascular diseases, the health management unit keeps track of the health condition of the employees. Nurses who have received caregiving training are available to provide listening services. If necessary, they may have access to counseling services by professional counselors, psychologists, or other relevant resources.
  5. Health management of metabolic syndrome: Winbond provides flexible re-examinations and tracking tests, free health consultation with a specialist doctor, and nursing care services on a regular basis. In addition, we provide customized classes of weight loss. Substantial incentives are provided for Winbond’s employees to be healthier!。
  6. Health management of abnormal liver dysfunctions: In Taiwan, hepatitis and liver cancer are the two major causes for health risks among labors. In Winbond, the conditions of employees with a high liver function index is regularly tracked by nurses.

Health promotion

To promote a body-mind balance, sports venues are built for the convenience of the employees to exercise. Winbond’s leisure center provides a wide variety of sports and recreational facilities including gymnasium, basketball courts, badminton courts, volleyball courts, table tennis courts, pool courts, children’s reading room, and books, magazines, as well as audiovisual lounges.

To encourage employees to maintain a habit of regular exercise, Winbond not only provides free tendon-stretching courses, but also offers incentives to promote walking / hiking activities in order to promote sports and health. It's not only encouraged the employees to exercise but also enhanced the cohesion of the units and departments.

Release the Stress and Gain the Positive Energy

As far as recreational facilities are concerned, Winbond provides KTV rooms, massage lounges, and video game rooms for the employees to soothe their mind and body. We have invited numerous experts and scholars to give lectures or speeches on topics such as health and wellbeing, spiritual inspiration, parent-child communication, tourism and environmental protection.

In cooperation with a professional EAPc resource- Employee Assistance Programs Service Center, Winbond offers its staff free counseling services with respect to the employees’ work life, family and parent-child relations, intimacy relations with the opposite sex, physical and psychological stress, legal and financial issues, and career management.

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