Occupational Health and Safety

There have been no serious health and safety accidents that resulted in loss of life, limb, vision, permanent disability or regulatory violations at this organization within the past three years.

Risk management of disaster.

The goal of risk management of disaster.

As the manufacture of semiconductor, Winbond deeply recognize disasters and employee error would bring impact and influence of our producing process, as the result, we always manage preventing with positive attitude to the feild of risk management.Through strict risk control, safety regulation, and practice management in order to reach the high standard of semiconductor industry. The performance base design and cost effect are on the premise, Winbond has been possessing positive attitude to the issue of disaster risk management.

Fire Safety

Winbond not only using FM, UL, NFPA, SEMI-S2 on construction, facility, risk management and evaluating but also establish regulations.

Protection from Earthquake

We understand our risks in terms of man-made and natural disasters. Especially Taiwan is located at earthquake zone, to reduce the risks, we followed international standards in designing and constructing our fabs including buildings, process tools, facility systems, piping systems, etc. We have installed emergency generators to provide back-up power supply in the event of power outage after earthquake, We’ve established emergency response procedures and business continuity plan too to reduce the impact of earthquake.

Flood risk

Winbond is located in Dadu Tableland, the highest level is at 310m above the sea level, therefore, the possibility of occurring a flood is low.

Certificated HPR (Highly Protected Risk) by FM Global

FM Global is known for strict standard of risk management. Winbond received Best of Class Award from FM Global in 2010 to honor the extraordinary performance on Human Element Control and Physical Protection. Winbond is the first semiconductor manufacturing company in Asia that won this award.

Enhance the awareness of safety

Winbond try our best on promoting safety issue, we deeply understand the only way to make our company operate permanently is to put the safety in the first priority. We are not only invest our protection facilities in order to reach the international standard but also consider that the key of every safety working environment is the behavior and the attitude of our staffs. To implement self- management and health safety protection work in every department. Moreover, we declare the vision or zero-accident and we wish ourselves to be the role model of every industries. Winbond has certificated by ISO 45001(Occupational Health and Safety Systems) and Taiwan Occupational Safety and Health Management System Certification(CNS 45001).
Therefore, we run examination for ourselves every 6 months and inspected by international certification company to ensure the system runs properly. Our company follow the regulations and carry out the safety management strictly, including risk evaluation of health and safety, draft and execute every regulation of safety, held safety training and practicing, etc. though years, our company has awarded by the government including, "family-friendly workplace approval" by Council of Labor Affairs, " health promotion mark" by Department of Health, " the excellent department of hazardous substances exposure in working place" by central Taiwan Science Park and " the excellent department of secure using hazardous substance, purchase management and high risk working management". Winbond progressively settle and excuse environmental management and safety management system. In the controlling safety of hardware, we ask the supplier to provide the report of SEMI S2, certificate by the third party in order to confirm the safety of the machines. We also have safety control while setting machines.
In addition, we examine machines with Equipment Sigh-Off program, to ensure the safety of settling machines. We test the safety function of machines, to see if the safety facilities are functional , checking the fire control facilities inside the machines, every safe environment facilities and marks accomplished or not. Accomplish withy he examination, then the machines can be worked.

  CTSP Fab Kaohsiung Fab
Certification organization DQS DQS
Date of certification 2022/6/13 2022/11/4
Valid date 2025/8/11 2025/11/3
Certificate registration No. 20003544 OHS18 50600484 OHS18
Certificate PDF ISO 45001 PDF ISO 45001
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