Social Engagement

Community and Social Participation

Public Welfare Promotion

Winbond has been involved in public welfare for many years. “Caring for the socially underprivileged, focusing on environmental sustainability, and fulfilling social responsibilities” define the core CSR values of Winbond. To fulfill the ideals of caring for society, serving the public, and environmental friendliness, Winbond mobilizes internal company resources along with the enthusiasm and compassion of employees for areas such as “caring for children and youths,” “helping the underprivileged,” “promotion of public welfare,” “academic sponsorship,” and “art and cultural activities.” The core capabilities of the industry are channeled into substantive social action. Employee participation is also encouraged to build cohesion, communicate the importance of giving back to society, and set the benchmark for CSR.

Academic sponsorship

Symposium on VLSI

Winbond demonstrates its enthusiasm for the industry by continuing to sponsor symposiums that create new technological exchange opportunities for the semiconductor industry. Through long-term support for International Symposium on VLSI Technology, Systems and Applications (VLSI-TSA), we can accelerate the upgrade of Taiwan’s information and communications industry and increase the exchange of industrial technologies at home and abroad. 

Caring for youths and children

Happy Breakfast Program for School Children in Remote Areas:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for school children as it provides the energy they need to attend school and focus in class. To help improve the breakfast of school children in remote areas, Winbond has been working with a non-profit organization since 2011, by which senior managers make voluntary donations to fund the happy breakfast program for remote elementary schools in Hsinchu and Taichung.
The breakfasts and support for remote schools are aimed at sustaining the basic needs and health of school children so they can be physically and mentally equipped to explore the world. Winbond provided NT$530,000 in breakfast funding in 2022 to continue supporting healthy learning for school children.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for school children as it provides the energy they need to attend school and focus in class.


Fundraising for Tuition Assistance

Statistics from the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF) indicated that around 14,000 elementary students in Taiwan apply for tuition assistance each year. There is a gap of around 700 places in regular sponsorship funding. These amount to $2,000 per place each semester and $2.8 million per year in total. To supplement education resources for children from impoverished families so they can attend school on a regular basis, Winbond has been working with Taiwan Fund for Children and Families since 2017 by inviting employees to join the effort of raising education grants. From the company president to entry-level employees, our colleagues responded enthusiastically to the drive. 952 employees raised $3,216,000 in 2021. The amount is sufficient to support 804 elementary school students for a whole year!

Fundraising for Uplift Tuition Assistance

Item 2020 2021 2022
Number of Donors 877 952 1052
Donations ($10,000) 2,976,000 3,216,000 4,128,000
Number of Beneficiaries 744 804 1032

Promotion of public welfare

Blood donation activity

The Company calls on employees to donate blood as a happy donor every year, which illustrates the Company's belief in the value of life in actions. In 2022, a total of 5 blood donation activities were held with 219 participants, and 362 blood donation bags were collected.


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