Public interest promotion


Cultural Welfare

Winbond encourages the development of artistic activities and spares no efforts in the promotion of arts and cultural activities. It is hoped that through the combination of technology, culture and art, the concept of quality artistic life can be infused into practical actions, enriching the recreation of the humanistic spirit, encourage more talents to jointly invest in creative cultures and to build a better quality performance platform.

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Charity sales

Since 2012, Winbond has cooperated with social welfare organizations and held several events that involved second-hand items donation and flea market charity sales. Winbond wants to look after the underprivileged families and to raise funds for the early childhood education for the physically challenged children. Meanwhile, the volunteers’ children can also receive life education.

Blood donation

Each year, Winbond motivates the staff to be happy blood donators.

Look after the underprivileged


Volunteer service

Winbond’s Silence Association selects a nursery home in the neighborhood as the target for long-term aiding service. During weekends or holidays, members of the association engage in services such as cleaning, collecting/donating invoices, and providing funds for replacement of damaged facilities which not only helped solve the difficiulty of shortage of manpower in the nursery home but also reduced their costs and expenses.

Since September 2015, in Taichung Guang-Yin Nursery and NTRAH, we helped the provision of additional long-term academic counseling to teach the children with poor learning efficiency to learn and read. For the children whose learning situation is fair, they focus on strengthening the basic knowledge of the various subjects. In addition, interactive activities allow students to broaden their horizons by meeting the teachers from different industry backgrounds.

Second-hand computer donation

In order to make up for the shortage of educational resources in schools and nurseries in remote areas,
Winbond is actively engaged in second-hand computer donation programs, working on narrowing the digital gapbetween urban and rural areas and promote the concept of environmental protection.


Christmas Dream Fulfillment Project

According to statistics from the Eden Foundation, there are 180,000 students from remote or poverty-stricken areas in Taiwan. Recognizing the need of these students, Winbond, the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, and Action Cultural & Educational Foundation, along with 20 companies in the Hsinchu Science Park, launched a dream to fulfill the Christmas wishes of the children in rural areas and the disabled. Every year, the dreams were enthusiastically responded to by the colleagues. At the beginning of the event, all gifts were pledges in a very short time.

It is obvious that Winbond is committed to public welfare promotion and is deeply rooted in the hearts of employees.


Breakfast Program for Students in the Remote Rural Areas

Starting from 2011, Winbond has launched a breakfast supply program for school children in remote rural areas. Donators voluntarily pledge for their donation of breakfast packages, which are delivered to primary school students in rural areas of Hsinchu and Taichung regions through the assistance of non-profit organizations. We hope to maintain the basic needs for children’s living and health by providing rural schools with breakfast resources and care to help children build a strong body and mind to explore the world.

Winbond keep sponsored in breakfast funding during past years, helping students to learn while taking care of their health. Winbond also conducts on-site evaluation to understand the benefits of the service plan for the follow-up sponsorship of this program.

Movie Appreciation for Children in the Nursery Homes

Since 2010, Winbond has invited the children in the nursery homes to watch movies in the cinema both insummer and winter vacations and hope that such experience would allow the orphans or single-parent children tofeel of warmth from the society, while learning to appreciate the artistic values conveyed in the form of movies.


The Loving and Student-Aiding Project

Every year when the school starts, many families may face with difficulties because they are unable to afford for the Children’s registration and living expenses. Many children even drop out of school because of this

We believe that education is the most effective way to get rid of poverty. Winbond participated in the activity named “The Loving and Student-Aiding Project” to relieve the difficulties of registration fees and living expenses for underprivileged students and to reduce their pressure on student loans, helping children to have positive energy to get rid of the current situation of the vulnerable families.

In addition, Winbond holds the Employee Family Day every year, and children are invited to have fun together, to participate in activities and games and to enjoy performances and food prepared for the event. We look forward to providing underprivileged children with a happy experience through the Company resources and spreading the expanded meaning of learning to these children.

Public lectures

Winbond sponsors Miss Shin-Ling Shen, a young activist of public welfare, for her lecture tours entitled “LOVE, Happy, and LOHAS Lifestyle” delivered to campuses and social welfare institutions. Her lectures aim to inspire children on how to “fish,” and on how to create more opportunities for themselves by transforming the existing conditions to their own advantages. The lectures are designed to spread the charity of knowledge, which is encapsulated in one word or one concept, in order to bring the children a lifetime change by planting seedlings of hope into children’s heart. Teachers and students feeling the power of the "one" by Miss Shin-Ling Shen. The content is like planting seedlings of hope into the teachers and students’ heart, which not only makes children more grateful, willing to give and tolerant of frustration, but also reminds the teachers of the teaching enthusiasm. Miss Shin-Ling Shen's "thinking from a different perspective" further stimulates the children and the teacher's infinite creativity to make them care about the family, classmates, friends, the community and hometown with specific actions.

The sponsoring amount for the lectures helps Miss Shin-Ling Shen to be committed to sustainability programs such as Taiwan Hope Engineering and Anan Free Education Website. More and more children benefit from "The Charity of Knowledge ", and it starts the cycle of love, achieving plural charities


Taiwan Fund for Children and Families – Fundraising for scholarship

To help supplement educational resources for underprivileged schoolchildren to have stable school attendance, Winbond and Taiwan Fund for Children and Families cooperated to organize the “Fundraising for Scholarships for Underprivileged Children” and invited the employees to respond to this meaningful event since 2017. From the president to the grassroots employees, employees at all levels actively participated in this event to help children to have a full year of encourage and recognition.



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