Public Welfare Promotion


Medical Public Welfare

Winbond and the Walsin Group’s affiliated companies jointly donated NT$50 million to Taipei Veterans General Hospital to purchase the most advanced equipment such as heavy particles and the cutting-edge medical equipment to help cancer patients receive better radiotherapy quality; we hope to set an example to encourage more groups to contribute to the public welfare, gather more societal strength to enhance our medical standards and benefit the citizens in Taiwan.

Blood Donation

"Donate a batch of blood to save a life"! Winbond has been cooperating with the "Taiwan Blood Services Foundation" to organize blood donation activities for 10 consecutive years, collecting nearly 1,536,000 cc of blood. The enthusiastic employees of Winbond have a good habit of donating blood on a regular basis which demonstrates a cultural philosophy of how much emphasis they put on life with practical actions to help with the domestic medical blood resources. A total of 3 blood donation events were held in 2020, with a total of 269 participants and 440 batches of blood were donated.

Academic Sponsorships

Winbond upholds its enthusiasm for the industry and continuously sponsors the holding of symposiums, to create new opportunities for technological exchanges in the integrated circuit industry. We conduct international technical conference such as the International Symposium on VLSI Technology, Systems and Applications (VLSI-TSA) for accelerating the upgrading of Taiwan's electronic information industry and strengthening the domestic and international exchange of science and technology.
Furthermore, we also regularly sponsor a large-scale seminar for papers on scientific management organized by the Chinese Society for Management of Technology (CSMOT). Through this seminar, Winbond actively participates in activities for cooperation, communication and exchanges among academic, industrial, research institutions and government agencies.


Art and Cultural Activities

Winbond encourages the diversified development of artistic activities and practically promotes arts and cultural activities, integrating art with technology and culture, enhancing the quality of life with positive energy, and making humanities culture more prosperous. 
A total of 803 people participated in the "Shining Winbond with Rhythm of Happiness" art concert . The participants much enjoy the event as the music feast successfully warmed up everyone's hearts.




Support for Children's Skills and Specialties in Children’s Home

To help the underprivileged children in children's home to develop skills and specialties, Winbond'staff has been supporting carpentry and Taiko courses organized by the "Taichung Christian Herald Children's Home" with a total amount of NT$ 758,500 for instructors and equipment fees in 2020 . By learning the carpentry and Taiko courses, children's concentration and patience have been significantly improved, and their self-identity and self-confidence have also been enhanced.



Volunteer Services in Aboriginal Communities

All of the small saplings are from the families in the communities. Through the cooperation with public welfare groups, we help with the construction of local communities in remote areas or plant organic crops to help the underprivileged families as well as boost the development in remote areas. Furthermore, through public welfare services in remote tribes, our employees not only help the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families in the development of community services for remote tribes but also jointly fulfill Winbond's corporate social responsibility.

Winbond led its employees to the Fushan tribe for volunteer services, helped with the farmlands, replaced old bamboo fences and cleaned up the water tunnel, and experienced the tribe’s hand-made cooking and ancient trail. Through meaningful activities, the employees had an opportunity to get to know the daily life and culture in the tribes. Despite the difficult process, all participants enjoyed this activity as they experienced in person the lack of resources and at the same time felt the enthusiasm and memories of social workers. The volunteer services also enhance employees’ royalty and their recognition of the enterprise. 




Supporting the Disadvantaged 


Nursery School Services

The Momo Club was established in 2010. Currently, the Momo Club has 50 volunteer members, including all levels of staff from high-level managers to basic-level workers, as well as employees' relatives and friends. The members of the club engage in services such as cleaning, collecting/donating invoices, and providing funds for replacement of damaged facilities in the children's homes, which not only helped solve the difficulty of shortage of manpower in the children’s homes but also reduced their costs and expenses. In 2019, the Momo Club provided services with 46 participants and a total of 92 service hours.


Fundraising for Scholarships

Based on the statistics of Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, the number of elementary school children applying for scholarship in Taiwan is about 14,000, in which 700 of them lack constant donation of NT$ 2,000 per semester, amounting to annual demand of NT$ 2.8 million. To help supplement educational resources for underprivileged schoolchildren to have stable school attendance, Winbond and Taiwan Fund for Children and Families cooperated to organize the fundraising for scholarships for underprivileged children activity and invited the employees to respond to this meaningful activity since 2017. From the president to the basiclevel employees, employees at all levels actively participated in this event to help raising fund. In 2020, a total number of NT$ 2.976 million was raised from 877 employees, providing 744 primary school children a whole year of support!


Caring for Children and Youngsters


Volunteer Tutoring Services

Winbond's Momo Club has provided services for cleaning the environment and repairing facilities in the nurseries since the beginning of year 2010. Since September 2015, we helped the provision of additional long-term volunteer tutoring in Taichung Guangyin Nursery and Nantou RenAi Home, to teach the children with poor learning efficiency to learn and read. For the children whose learning situation is fair, the volunteers focus on strengthening the basic knowledge of the various subjects. In addition, interactive activities allow students to broaden their horizons by meeting the teachers from different industries and backgrounds. In 2020, there were 20 volunteers providing 24 hours of service hours.


Breakfast Program for Schoolchildren in Remote Areas

Winbond has launched a breakfast supply program for schoolchildren in remote areas by the Company's high-level executives since 2011. Through the non-profit organization foundation, donators voluntarily pledge for their donation of breakfast packages, which are delivered to primary school students in rural areas of Hsinchu and Taichung regions. We hope to maintain the basic needs for children's living and health by providing rural schools with breakfast resources and care, to help them build a strong body and mind to explore the world.Winbond continued to sponsor the funds for breakfast, paying attention to the schoolchildren’s health for learning. Winbond also sent staff to understand the effectiveness of this service plan as a follow-up evaluation of this sponsorship program.


Family Day with Children from the Nursery Homes

Winbond has been holding the Winbond Family Day for nine consecutive years since 2011. We regularly conduct the activities to continue the spirit of public welfare as well as to set an example to encourage more companies to join us. We regularly invite institutions such as the Christian Herald Children’s Home in Taichung and St. Francis Xavier Home for Children and Juvenile in Hsinhsu to set up stalls in our festival. The incomes are directly given to these nursery homes and institutions. We hope that through the WinbondFamily Day event, our employees and their families can spread their love and hope to every corner in the world. This is also a great opportunity to educate our next generation and make the Winbond Family Day more meaningful.In 2019, Winbond invited 68 children from the institutions to join in this event.


Movie Appreciation for Children in the Nursery Homes

Winbond has invited the children in the nursery homes to enjoy movies in the cinema both during summer and winter vacations since 2010. We hope that such experience would allow the orphans or singleparent children to feel the warmth from the society while enhancing their comprehensive understanding of artistic values conveyed in the form of movies. In 2020, a total of 172 children from children's homes enjoyed the movie appreciation.



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