Corporate Governance

"Integrity" is the highest ethical standard of Winbnd.

Human Resources Division dedicated to maintaining and enhancing “integrity” as part of company culture through policies making,  continuous improvement, supervision, education and training.Please refer to “Implementation of business integrity “ for further details.


 The Board of Directors of the Eleventh Term

Major Board Meeting resolutions

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Information of Board of Directors’ attendance and Continuing Professional Education

Information of Board of Directors and Supervisors’ attendance and Continuing Professional Education


Election of Directors

PDF Election of Directors


Internal Audit

Internal Audit


Communication situation between independent directors and internal audit executive

PDF Communication situation between independent directors and internal audit executive





Implementation of business integrity

Winbond abides the international human rights standards such as “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, and align our actions with the “Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct“. We comply with the highest ethical standards, and protect and support human rights, such as barring any form of discrimination and respecting employee's freedom of association, and clearly defines award and disciplinary items in the work rules for observation by all employees.

In 2011, 2014 and 2015, Winbond developed the policies of “Code of Corporate Governance”, ”Code of Ethic and Integrity”, “CSR Code of Practice”, “Corporate Social Responsibility Manual” , "Code of Ethics for Board , Directors and Supervisors" and "Employee Code of Conduct".

The promotion and training results of Business Integrity and CSR courses will be reported to WEC BOD by the Human Resources Division in the fourth quarter of each year. In 2019 Q1, The total training hours is 1,220 hours, and the total numbers of trained employees is 2,976. The training rate has reached 100%.


Winbond Human Rights Policy

Winbond complies with international standards and principles of human rights, including Freedom of Association, Collective bargaining, caring for Underprivileged Groups, ban on Child labor, Elimination of all forms of forced labor , and elimination of all forms of discrimination. We also obey labor related laws and regulation. Any form of discrimination, sexual harassment, and inhumane treatment to our employees are forbidden. Job applicants' freedom in choosing their career and their freedom of association are fully respected. The personnel system (e.g., salary, welfare, assessment, promotion, rewards and punishments, cultivation, job placement, and termination of contract) treats every employee equally, regardless of race, skin color, nationality, social status, language, thoughts, religion, political affiliation, place of origin, place of birth, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, pregnancy, appearance, facial features, disability, or union membership.


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