Policy and Organization

We insist that all our business operating activities must take CSR into consideration. We are vigilant in our enforcement of corporate ethics and legal compliance by improving employee educational programs and strengthening internal control system. At the same time, we constantly pursue the improvement of quality management and environmental preservation, works hard on public service and improves communication with all stakeholders. We expect all business partners to support and act in accordance with our CSR policy.

Winbond Corporate Social Responsibility Implementation Committee

Winbond established the Winbond Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Implementation Committee in 2015. This Committee is composed of Administration and Production Subcontractor Team, Human Resource and Plant Management, Product Sales Team, Finance Management Team and Quality & ESH Team. The assistant vice president of Qulity and ESH center serves as the management representative of the Committee and team members working together to conduct data collection of sustainability issues in terms of economic, environmental and social aspects. The management review meeting is held in the first quarter of each year (the most recent meeting was held on January 29, 2019), and the performance of the CSR management system and the required suggestions for improvement are reported to the senior management.

To implement our corporate social responsibility and to facilitate the economic, environmental and social progress so as to meet the goal of sustainable development. The President’s Office drafts the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and the Code of Practice on Corporate Social Responsibility that are to be approved by the 20th session of Board meeting of 9th Board of Directors (on Jaunary 24th , 2014) and the 5th session of Board meeting of 10th Board of Directors (on December 18th , 2014). The President’s Office reported to the Board the results of CSR promotion each end of year (the 4th session of Board meeting of the 11th Board of Directors on October 26th, 2017) about the results of CSR implementation and the work plan for the following year and following the results of implementation for reviews and corrections. To enable CSR to become part of the Company’s decision-making process.


Fair Trade

All WEC employees shall by no means engage in any anti-competitive business activities. WEC insists on fair trade and industry competition, abides by applicable government laws, decrees and ordinances. Obey the Antitrust as our stander of conduct, and endeavors to establish a trust-worthy and respectable reputation.


Intellectual Property Management Plan and Implementation 

PDFIntellectual Property Management Plan and Implementation



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