Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate social responsibility policy

Winbond is committed that all business management activities must concurrently take into account of corporate social responsibility. Ensure the compliance with corporate ethics and government laws and regulations through fortifying the employees’ education and training and company internal control. At the same time, we will continue to pursue the improvement of quality management and environmental protection, as well as devote effort in social welfare and maintain good communication with stakeholders. Winbond will incorporate the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of United Nations into our corporate social responsibility policy. We expect all of our business partners to support and abide by the demands for corporate social responsibility.


Sustainable development goals

Since the United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Taiwan government announced Taiwan’s sustainable development goals, Winbond has been actively cooperating with the polices and making contributions to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

"Caring for the underprivileged groups in the society" is one of Winbond's everlasting commitment for corporate social responsibility. Therefore, our volunteers have put considerable effort and budget into assisting the underprivileged groups to overcome difficulties. The projects we have implemented include nursery institution services, used computer donation programs, fund raising for scholarship and subsidy, and so on.
Winbond is committed to be in compliance with international advanced standards of safety, health and environmental protection. We are committed to providing a work environment that is healthy and complies with laws and regulations, through respect, caring, as well as worker consultation and the participation mechanism. In 2019, our 126 operators were examined and all of the examination results were below level 2 management, and the health management and facilitation measures were implemented in accordance with the laws and regulations.
With the combination of the Company's vision, business philosophy, cultural values, as well as the survey for training demands, Winbond has developed an exclusive personal learning and development program. In 2019, the average hours of education and training in Taiwan headquarters is: 31.19 hours/person, with a total of cost NT$10.96 million dollars.
There is no difference in the basic wage for male and female workers in Winbond. The employee’s wage is based on his/her job position, education and experience. The ratio of men to women in the managerial positions is 1:1, and for nonmanagerial positions is 1.2:1.
Winbond value the importance of all resources, especially for the water resources. We continuously increase the reuse rate of recycled water. In 2019, the water recycling rate of the entire plant is about 82% and the recycling rate for water used in the manufacturing process is about 91%.
Winbond actively creates economic value for all stakeholders. In 2019, Winbond’s consolidated revenue was NT$48.77 billion, with a decrease of 4.7% compared to 2018; the consolidated net profit after tax was NT$1.48 billion and the earnings per share after tax was NT$0.32.
Winbond has been continuously pursuing product and technology innovation and implementing our competitive advantages, especially in the expansion of production capacity and upgrading of manufacturing process, to provide our customers with green products that have lower energy consumption and lower impact on the environment. Winbond obtained 432 patents in 2019, accumulating to a total of 2,359 valid patents.
To reduce the inference and impact on the environment during business operations, Winbond continues to invest resources in pollution prevention and control. In 2019, we had invested NT$354 million in pollution prevention and the total reduction amount of greenhouse gases is equivalent to 236,264 metric tons of carbon dioxide.
In addition to focusing on the improvement of sustainability performance, Winbond also actively work with its partners to make improvement together. In 2019, all suppliers/subcontractors had fully passed the audit assessments in the economic, environmental and social aspects. We also organize the suppliers’ convention on a regular basis and adopt the sustainable inspection standards.

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