Salary and Welfare

Salary and bonus

Winbond offers competitive salaries and immediate payment of various bonuses to share the results of operations with our colleagues. Our bonuses and profit sharing scheme is based on employee performance and organizational goals.


Benefits and Retirement

Winbond provides comprehensive and high quality welfare to take care of employees and their families. Except for providing Labor Insurance, National Health Insurance and Retirement Allowances, Winbond also provides employees with childcare allowance program which supports employees to raise children.


Childcare Allowance

To raise childbirth rate in Taiwan, Winbond provides "childcare allowance" to employees who works for more than 1 year. The allowance is NTD 5,000 for each child per month until they reach 4 years old. From the implementation of 2011 to the end of 2020, 1,092 children have been applied for subsidies, which not only helps the novice parents to reduce the financial burden of parenting, but also enhances the happiness of Winbond employees.


Marriage and Childbirth Allowance

Except for the Childcare Allowance, Winbond also provides employee Marriage and Childbirth Allowance. In 2020, Winbond has supported 132 employees.


Corporate Pension Plan

In accordance with the local law, Winbond provides “old” and “new” retirement pension plan.

P.S. The above description is a summary of the policy. Compensation and welfare matters are conducted according to the Employment Contract and the Winbond Work Manual. If the policy is modified or adjusted in the future, all employees shall refer to the newest version.


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