Stakeholder Management

For sustainable development and long-term business operations, Winbond conducts identification for stakeholders according to the five principles of the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard (SES) 2015, including Dependency, Responsibility, and Influence, Tension and Diverse Perspectives, to identify seven key stakeholder groups of Winbond, such as: employees, government authorities, customers/distributors, suppliers/subcontractors, shareholders/investors, banks/financial institutions and media.

 Step 1: Identification 

Step 2: Prioritization of material topics 

 Step 3: Define the material topics in 2019

Remarks: the new material topics for this year, compared to 2018, including "quality management", "corporate governance" and "risk management"; the other topics have been combined and condensed for effective management. The material topics of the previous year that are not listed this year include "labor/management relations", "emission management", "energy", and "water resources".




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