W76S Secure Element

4M-Byte 1.62-3.6V Secure Element.

Density 32Mb Industrial Status Sample
Vcc 1.62V - 3.6V Frequency 100MHz
Package 32-Pin QFN32 5x5 mm,12-Pin DFN12 4x4.2,8-Pin SON8 6x5 (MFF2),8-Pin WSON8 4x4.2 Temperature Range -40℃ ~ 105℃
Feature List • 32-bit CPU based on Arm® SecurCore™ SC000™ core
• 32KB RAM
• Compatible with Java Card specification 3.x
• Crypto accelerators for 3DES, AES, RSA, ECC, SHA, TRNG
• GSMA remote provisioning specifications compliant
• GlobalPlatform UICC Card architecture support
• AG2 support
• SWP, SPI, ISO 7816, I2C, GPIOs

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