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  • Winbond launchs 32bit 32M/64Mb SDR/DDR KGD for SiP application

    Winbond launchs 32bit 32M/64Mb SDR/DDR KGD for SiP application Winbond Electronics Corporation (WEC) today announced the launch of its latest 32bit bandwidth 32M/64Mb SDR / DDR DRAM memory which is built on its 65nm bWL process for SiP (System in Package) application. This new product is able to pro...

  • Code Storage Flash Memory - KGD

    Known Good Die (KGD) Several customers utilize Winbond’s expertise in using flash products in Known Good Die (KGD) for SIP (System In Package) solutions. Flash dies are stacked with Controller dies and put in a single package or module to provide SIP solutions. KGD of other devices can also be stack...

  • W25Q256JVWWIG IBIS Model

  • W25Q64JVWWIG IBIS Model

  • W25Q32JVWWIG IBIS Model

  • Winbond Announces the Financial Results for the Third Quarter of 2014

    Hsinchu, Taiwan, Oct. 24, 2014- Winbond Electronics Corporation today announced the financial results for the third quarter of 2014. On a consolidated basis including members of Winbond Electronics Corp. and Nuvoton Technology Corp. etc., net sales were NT$9.931 billion, up 2% QoQ. Gross margin was ...

  • 1.2V Serial NOR Flash

    Winbond W25QxxNE 1.2V and W25QxxND extended 1.5V parts are the industry’s lowest NOR Flash voltages in 8-pin packages, these newest members of the SpiFlash family provide designers with serial flash memories for mobile, wearable, IoT and other demanding applications that call for low power in small ...

  • DRAM Product Business Group

    Products and Prospects Specialty DRAM Mobile RAM Winbond provides a wide range of best-of-breed Specialty DRAMs (16Mb-4Gb, package/KGD) which are widely adopted in various electronic appliances - PC peripherals, networking, mobile equipment, consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, medical, etc...

  • Specialty DRAM

    Winbond’s DRAM product portfolio is consisting of Mobile RAM and Specialty DRAM. Specialty DRAM, focusing on low and middle density, features characteristics of high performance and high speed and is widely used by leaders in the consumer, communication, computer peripheral, industrial, and automobi...

  • Successful development of the 64Mb DDR KGD product

  • Mobile DRAM - Low Power DDR4 SDRAM

    Product family is designed based on JESD209-4 following industrial standard. note: If any request of KGD, please contact us.

  • Mobile DRAM - HyperRAM

    Pseudo SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) consists of a DRAM macro core with a traditional SRAM interface; an on-chip refresh circuit that frees the user from the need to take care of this task. Comparing to traditional CMOS SRAM, PSRAM has advantage in higher density, higher speed, smaller die size...

  • Code Storage Flash Memory - 1.2V Serial NOR Flash

    The W25QxxND 1.2V series parts have performance identical to the popular 3V and 1.8V families of serial flash with the added benefit of saving power. They are offered in 2mm x 3mm USON8, narrow 150mil SOP8, 6x5mm WSON 8-pin packages and KGD (Known Good Die) which provide designers with the convenien...

  • Code Storage Flash Memory

    The Code Storage Flash Memory family consists of NOR, NAND and TrustMETM Secure Flash Memories. Winbond is the #1 supplier of Serial Flash products in the industry and is the largest unit supplier of NOR flash memories. In this SpiFlash® family, products range in densities from 512Kb through 1Gb mos...

  • Mobile DRAM - Low Power DDR SDRAM

    Winbond’s LPDDR SDRAM(Low Power DDR SDRAM) product family is designed with specific features to reduce power consumption, including Partial Array Self Refresh (PASR), Auto Temperature Compensated Self Refresh (ATCSR), Power down mode, Deep power down mode and Programmable output buffer driving stren...


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