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  • Winbond’s new OctalNAND Flash provides fast, low-cost alternative to Octal NOR Flash in densities of 1Gbit and higher

    New W35N-JW NAND products featuring Winbond’s OctalNAND Flash offer robust and reliable code storage in automotive and industrial applications (Taichung, TAIWAN – 17 February, 2020) -- Winbond Electronics Corporation, a leading global supplier of semiconductor memory solutions, today announced the i...

  • Winbond High Performance Serial NAND & OctalNAND Flash

    Winbond High Performance Serial NAND (QspiNAND) offers reliable, lower-cost alternative to SPI NOR Flash in 1Gbit and 2Gbit capacities for automotive displays and instrument clusters. With a high data-transfer rate of 83MB/s via a Quad Serial Peripheral Interface (QSPI), High Performance Serial NAND...

  • How new diagnostic data and operations equip Flash memory ICs for the demands of the automotive functional safety standard

    NOR Flash has been a dependable technology in vehicles for many years, and today is used in various automotive systems, including the instrument cluster and in infotainment and telematics systems (see Figure 1). In these applications, this non-volatile memory provides storage capacity for applicatio...

  • Code Storage Flash Memory

    The Code Storage Flash Memory family consists of NOR, NAND and TrustME® Secure Flash Memories. Winbond is the #1 supplier of Serial Flash products in the industry and is the largest unit supplier of NOR flash memories. In this SpiFlash® family, products range in densities from 512Kb through 1Gb most...

  • Winbond moves into HyperRAM™ market to address new AIoT application needs

    (HSINCHU, Taiwan –30 October, 2019) With the rapid rise of automotive electronics, industrial 4.0, and smart home applications, new IoT edge devices and human-machine interface devices will require new functionality in terms of size, power consumption, and performance. In view of this, many MCU supp...

  • What You Need to Know about HyperRAM™ – An Alternative Memory Option

    What is HyperRAM™? Before knowing HyperRAM™, one should understand HyperBus™ first. HyperBus™ technology was first unveiled by Cypress in 2014, and according to Cypress, “the HyperBus™ interface draws upon the legacy features of both parallel and serial interface memories, while enhancing system per...

  • A prominent leader in the semiconductor memory technology segment: Winbond

    One of the crucial elements in today’s electronics is semiconductor memory technology. Any equipment that makes use of a processor of any kind will have semiconductor technology in it. There is a significant need for semiconductor memories and there are various types of memory and number of technolo...


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