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Business Integrity and Human Rights

Winbond values integrity as well as corporate social responsibility, and we hold integrity as the highest ethical standards. The Human Resources Division dedicated to maintaining and enhancing “integrity” as part of company culture through policies making, continuous improvement, supervision over daily operation, and training to the employees. In 2011, 2014 and 2015, Winbond developed the policies of “Code of Corporate Governance”, ”Code of Ethic and Integrity”, “CSR Code of Practice”, “Corporate Social Responsibility Manual” , "Code of Ethics for Board Directors" and "Employee Code of Conduct".
Winbond abides by the international human rights standards such as “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, and align our actions with the “Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct“. We comply with the highest ethical standards, protect and support human rights, which covers Freedom of Association, Collective bargaining, caring for Underprivileged Groups, ban on Child labor, Elimination of all forms of forced labor, and elimination of all forms of discrimination. We also strictly obey related labor laws and regulations, especially paying attention to gender equality, respecting rights to work, and banning discrimination. The personnel system treats every employee equally when it comes to salary, welfare, assessment, promotion, rewards and punishments, training, job placement, termination of contract (and so forth), regardless of their gender, race, skin color, nationality, social ranking, language, thoughts, religion, political affiliation, place of origin, place of birth, sexual orientation, age, marital status, pregnancy, appearance, facial features, disability, or union membership. To assure the aforementioned is informed to the employees, we clearly defines the principles and disciplinary in our work rules.


Harmony and Inclusion

Talent cultivation and development is valued by Winbond in keeping with our spirit of a “human-oriented” approach. We strive to build a friendly workplace, provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment, fulfill our corporate social responsibility and make a positive contribution. We continue to give back to society under our philosophy of “giving back what you take.” 

The digital transformation plan is a major focus in 2021. In response to the changing work patterns of the epidemic, Winbond has invested a lot of resources, not only to digitize the existing learning resources, but also to strengthen the application of data science-related courses and technologies. At the same time, it invites external Resources to teach the use of digital tools, improve employees' AI, IoT and other related digital capabilities, so as to become a smart enterprise.

Winbond attaches great importance to the performance of employees, which is reflected in the training of employees in the professional field and the adjustment with the times. It provides professional improvement courses in various fields and levels to help employees achieve better performance at work. In addition, Winbond also pays attention to the balance between employees' work and life. High-quality remuneration provides the greatest support for employees to settle down, and maintains the physical and mental health of employees with a sound health management system and channels. Employees not only work in the company, but also find a variety of goals and roles. Communication with employees has also established a number of channels, so that the voices of employees can be heard. Through a number of systems and measures, a happy enterprise with mutual trust and a sense of belonging has been established.

To invest in future talents, Winbond actively cooperates with universities to open semiconductor-related talent training courses. Through industry-university cooperation, through practical operation and technology application, the gap between students and students is shortened, the quality of talents is improved, and future potential employees are also cultivated. For students in remote areas, Winbond fulfills its social responsibilities and provides the most substantial assistance.

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