Collaborating with chipset partners to augment the value of our solutions and help customers accelerate product development and delivery.


Winbond actively cooperates with programming partners to create a user-friendly development and production ecosystem for customers. We aim to help the electronics industry improve production quality and throughput, and create common values together.

Secure IP and Software

Winbond collaborates with Secure IP partners to empower IoT developers and users to address the two critical challenges on the road for IoT deployment, i.e., easy connectivity and high level of security. Apart from IP partners, Winbond with the support from software developers, we provide a fully integrated reference design for secure over-the-air (OTA) firmware updating of IoT devices, which is secured from the cloud to the device’s code storage memory, and our products also fully compatible with an extensive range of embedded software partners that accelerates the evaluation and development of applications.

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