Mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily lives providing a compact platform for work and play. With newer software requiring faster computing, optimized RAM makes all the difference. Low power DDR SDRAM is a synchronous DRAM optimized for numerous IoT applications.

What Is a Low-Power DDR SDRAM?

Low power double data rate synchronous dynamic RAM is an integrated circuit that operates under low energy settings whilst achieving high-speed data processing, and transmission. Due to their energy-saving attributes, Low Power DDR SDRAM is in high demand among manufacturers of portable smart devices where prolonged battery life is key.

How Do Low Power DDRs Function?

Low power DDR RAM function operates similarly to standard DDR synchronous dynamic RAM. Low power DDR RAM units can process data on both the rising and falling edge of the clock signal.

They also possess additional power-saving capabilities in the form of the partial-array self-refresh mode which saves only critical data, improving operational efficiency.

Key Features of Winbond’s Low Power DDR

Low power DDR synchronous dynamic RAM possesses the following key attributes:

Low Voltage Settings

Energy usage optimization is a key requirement of several modern IoT devices. With the use of Winbond low-power ICs, computing operations can be performed more efficiently at lower voltages.

Varied Densities and Configuration Options

Winbond offers a wide range of densities and chip configurations suitable for various mobile applications.

Partial-Array Self-Refresh Mode (PASR)

Winbond Low Power DDR RAM integrates a crucial power-saving mechanism in the form of the partial-array self-refresh sequence. This ensures only data necessary to an active computing process is refreshed.

Deep Power State

In cases where data retention isn’t a priority, the deep power state allows Low Power DDRs to enter an ultra-low power state. This improves battery longevity in associated mobile devices.

Winbond Offers Excellent Low Power DDR Memory Solutions

Winbond’s Low Power DDR SDRAM product family is designed with specific features to reduce power consumption, including Partial Array Self Refresh (PASR), Auto Temperature Compensated Self Refresh (ATCSR), Power-down mode, Deep power-down mode, and Programmable output buffer driving strength.

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Part No. Voltage Speed Temp. Organization Status Industrial & Commercial Datasheet
Automotive Industrial & Commercial
W94AD6KBH 1.8V/1.8V 333 / 400 Mbps -25°C~85°C, -40°C~85°C/ Automotive 64Mbit x16 N P pdf
W94AD2KBJ 1.8V/1.8V 333 / 400 Mbps -25°C~85°C, -40°C~85°C/ Automotive 32Mbit x32 N P pdf
Status1:P= Mass Production, S (Time)= Samples (Ready Time), UD (Time)= Under Development (Ready Time), N= Not recommended for new designs.
Status2:All Winbond products are "Green", Halogen-Free and RoHS compliant packaging. Refer to the datasheet for details and specifications.
DSR3:With DSR(Deep Self-Refresh) mode feature which can save 70% power compared with normal one.

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