Awards and Honors

  • Date
  • Date 2020/06
    Milestones Winbond was chosen as a one of the constituent stocks for the Taiwan High Compensation 100 Index and the Taiwan Employment 99 Index.
  • Date 2020/04
    Milestones Winbond ranked in the top 6-20% of all listed companies in the 6th corporate governance evaluation.
  • Date 2019/11
    Milestones Winbond won the Corporate Sustainability Report Gold Award of the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards in 2019
  • Date 2019/06
    Milestones Winbond won one Gold Tower Award and three Silver Tower Awards in the 32nd National Unity Circle Competition in 2019.
  • Date 2019/04
    Milestones Winbond won the 2019 Happy Enterprise Award in the Technology Industry from the 1111 Human Resource Bank.
  • Date 2019/02
    Milestones Winbond became the first Taiwanese in-car memory manufacturer to receive ISO 26262 Road vehicles - Functional safety - process certification.
  • Date 2018/11
    Milestones Winbond was recognized as the "Quality Star" by Siemens Industrial Automation Products Ltd.
  • Date 2018/11
    Milestones Winbond 1.2V Serial NOR Flash won "The 2018 World Electronics Achievement Award for Memory of the Year" from the ASPENCORE Double Summits
  • Date 2018/08
    Milestones Winbond was awarded the Sustainability Excellence Award by the British Standards Institute (BSI Taiwan)
  • Date 2018/06
    Milestones Winbond won two Gold Silver Award and Bronze Tower Awards in the 31nd National Unity Circle Competition in 2018.

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