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Outlook 2024: An Ever Growing Imperative

The semiconductor industry, a crucial player in global decarbonization and electrification, recognises its role in environmental stewardship and has taken steps to align with global standards and initiatives aimed at improving industrial environmental performance. These include the environmental sta... Read more

Achieving ISO/SAE21434 Cyber Security Using Secure Flash

ISO21434 has been made mandatory by many car makers and their component suppliers, starting from mid-2022. As a result, the automotive industry is now required to significantly improve how cyber threats are managed. As this standard applies to both the modules and their components, it requires the a... Read more

The Hidden Security Risks of Automotive Electronic Systems

Automobile electronic systems are steadily becoming more intelligent. Advanced electronic functionality is being added throughout the vehicle such as ADAS, Gateway, Power Train, Infotainment, V2V, and V2X. These new capabilities are driving the need for increased security and safety. Read more

How new secure flash devices promise security for IoT devices’ code and data

A new generation of secure Flash memory products has come on to the market to provide a secure hardware foundation for embedded devices which do not require payment-grade protection. Often featuring a standard Flash memory package footprint and pin-out, and controlled via the standard SPI NOR Flash ... Read more

A new architecture for the provision of secure storage offers higher capacity at lower cost

Developers of security-conscious applications now have a new way to implement encryption and other essential functions while benefiting from memory provision sufficient for today’s systems and for future application developments. Read more

Safeguarding boot code and other critical data

How little-known data protection settings in NOR Flash can help improve system reliability. SPI NOR Flash is the electronics design engineer’s favourite memory type for low-density, high-reliability storage of application code and data in embedded systems with a storage requirement of up to 512Mb.  Read more

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