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Winbond we provide you a wide range of online technical articles for your further exploration. In the meantime, you can also contact us for any further discussion with our Winbond experts.

Memory without Compromise
The past 18 months have seen unprecedented market change brought on by the global pandemic - which, like dropping a stone in a pond, will continue to create expanding ripples of change throughout the industry. One such ripple has been the global shortage of ICs, affecting the electronics industry an... Read more
Low Density of LPDDR4x DRAM – the Best Choice for Edge AI
The edge artificial intelligence (AI) chipset market is expected to exceed the cloud AI chipset market for the first time in 2025. According to global tech market advisory firm, ABI Research, the edge AI chipset market will reach US$12.2 billion in revenues, outpacing the cloud AI chipset market. Read more
HyperRAM™- Best DRAM choice for IoT application
Owing to the fact COVID-19 blocks transportation, the process of penetration is lower than we expected. Most of IoT applications are still connected through 2G or 3G technology. In 2019, the estimated number of massive IoT applications have grown to triple and will reach approximately 100 million by... Read more
What You Need to Know about HyperRAM™ – An Alternative Memory Option
HyperRAM™ is a new technical solution which supports the HyperBus™ interface. The first generation of it offers a throughput up to 333 MB/s, and HyperRAM™ 2.0 made it possible to boost up to 400 MB/s. Read more
Live over-the-air system firmware updates to Flash
Which memory architecture gives the best combination of cost, reliability and performance? This article explores several such design techniques, and explains how the use of Winbond’s SpiStack® memory provides unique benefits when implementing the OTA function in existing hardware designs. Read more
Check connection between SOC and DRAM with IC Boundary Scan Technology
Winbond's new parts offering the Boundary Scan option will give manufacturers of mobile phones and other devices a new means to reduce total cost attributable to the DRAM and to take advantage of additional time savings with an easy way in being operated in Boundary Scan mode. Read more
Combining deep power-down with self-refresh mode
Winbond introduces the new parts offering the DSR option will give manufacturers of mobile phones and other battery-powered devices a new means to reduce total energy use attributable to the DRAM and take advantage of additional power savings when the device is operating at a low data-transfer rate. Read more

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