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Winbond we provide you a wide range of online technical articles for your further exploration. In the meantime, you can also contact us for any further discussion with our Winbond experts.

Solution for Automotive application based on the Fourth Generation and its extension version of Low Power DRAM (LPDDR4/4x)
In most systems in automobile, DRAM is responsible for storage of program codes and computing data, and it plays a more important role during the development of automobiles with more and more ICT functions, which include but are not limited to personal computers (PCs), servers, mobile devices and... Read more
A better high-density storage option for sophisticated automotive display applications
Automotive displays, both in the instrument cluster and in the Centre Information Display (CID), or head unit, are becoming larger, more sophisticated and more numerous. Car users have grown accustomed to interacting with technology via colourful graphics rendered on large, high-resolution displays. Read more
High Performance QspiNAND taps into explosive growth in demand for automotive memory
Demand for automotive memory is showing explosive growth in recent years as a result of maturing ADAS technology, increasing demand for in-vehicle infotainment systems and automotive display as well as instrument cluster display gradually upgrading from 4.5-inch panels to 12.3-inch smart panels.  Read more
Live over-the-air firmware updates to Flash
Which memory architecture gives the best combination of cost, reliability and performance? This article explores several such design techniques, and explains how the use of Winbond’s SpiStack® memory provides unique benefits when implementing the OTA function in existing hardware designs. Read more
High Quality SLC NAND provides new pathway to higher density code memory in Automotive
At a cost-per-bit typically less than half that of SPI NOR Flash in 512Mb, 1Gb and 2Gb densities, Winbond’s HQ serial NAND Flash parts provide automotive manufacturers with a new way to provide sufficient code storage capacity at a much lower cost while meeting the very high standards of reliability... Read more
How new diagnostic data and operations equip Flash memory ICs for the demands of the automotive functional safety standard
This article studies the mode of operation of conventional NOR Flash ICs, and explains the features that new automotive serial Flash products will need to offer if they are to fully support system designers’ efforts to comply with the ISO 26262 standard. Read more

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