1Gb NAND + 512Mb LPDDR2

DensityFlash1GbVccFlash1.7V - 1.95V
DRAM512MbDRAMVDD1 = 1.7V - 1.95V
VDD2/VDDCA/VDDQ = 1.14V - 1.30V
FrequencyFlash29MHzTemperature RangeFlash-40°C ~ 85°C
DRAMup to 400MHzDRAM-40°C ~ 85°C
Industrial StatusMass ProductionPackage8x10.5x1.0
Feature ListFlash2KB Page Size and 64B Spare Area
Support OTP Memory Area
DRAMBurst Type: Sequential or Interleave
Standard Self Refresh Mode
PASR, ATCSR, Power Down Mode, DPD
Programmable output buffer driver strength
Four internal banks for concurrent operation
Bidirectional, data strobe (DQS) is transmitted or received with data, to be used in capturing data at the receiver
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