Low Power DDR2 SDRAM

The use of double data rate synchronous dynamic random-access memory (DDR SDRAM) in modern IoT devices has significantly improved computer data processing. While DDRs allow faster data transmission than single rate memories, the improved performance often translates to greater power consumption. Low power DDR2 memories are designed to operate on low power without compromising performance.

How Does a Low Power DDR2 SDRAM Function?

A Low power DDR2 is essentially an optimized double data rate SDRAM and operates similarly. Data transfer is done on both the rising and falling edges of the clock signal (double pumping). As with conventional DDR memories, low-power DDR2 SDRAM achieves greater bandwidths without any change in clock frequency.

Distinctive Features of Low Power SDRAM

Low power DDR2 SDRAM is optimized for mobile applications in two areas:

Low power DDR2 RAM variants consume less power when in active use than standard DDR2s. When mobile devices are left to idle, low power DDR SDRAM activates various power-saving features to improve battery life.

Power Saving Features of Winbond Low Power DDR2 SDRAM

Winbond’s Low Power DDR2 (LPDDR2) SDRAM product family is designed with specific features to reduce power consumption, including Partial Array Self Refresh (PASR), Auto Temperature Compensated Self Refresh (ATCSR), Power-down mode, Deep power-down mode, and Programmable output buffer driving strength.


While both LPDDR and LPDDR2 memories are optimized for power-saving mobile applications, LPDDR2 has significant improvements over LPDDR. LPDDR2 achieves faster rates of data transfer and also has larger density options.

Winbond Has the Best Low Power DDR2 SDRAM for Your Application

At Winbond, we manufacture the best low-power double data rate dynamic RAM necessary to optimize your memory processes. We offer various memory densities and configurations suited to different mobile applications.

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Part No. Voltage Speed Temp. Organization Status Industrial & Commercial Datasheet
Automotive Industrial & Commercial
W97BH6MBV 1.8V / 1.2V 800 / 1066 Mbps -25℃~85℃, -40℃~85℃/ Automotive 128Mbit x16 N P pdf
W97BH2MBV 1.8V / 1.2V 800 / 1066 Mbps -25℃~85℃, -40℃~85℃/ Automotive 64Mbit x32 N P pdf
Status1:P= Mass Production, S (Time)= Samples (Ready Time), UD (Time)= Under Development (Ready Time), N= Not recommended for new designs
Status2:All Winbond products are "Green", Halogen-Free and RoHS compliant packaging. Refer to the datasheet for details and specifications.

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