NAND Based Multi-Chip Package

Winbond’s Multi-Chip Package (MCP) memory product family consists of a 1.8V NAND Flash Memory device combined with a 1.8V Low Power SDRAM device in one package to provide the most space effective solution for saving area on PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards).

One of the benefits of NAND flash is its non-volatile storage of data, NAND memory retains data even when the power is off. This benefit becomes more critical in small PCBs for modules and space critical designs particularly in mobile and portable applications.

Winbond provides space effective solutions with longevity support and wafer fabrication

Own DRAM and SLC NAND Flash Technology

Winbond Electronics Corp. is a Memory IC Company engaged in DRAM & Flash design, manufacturing and sales services. From product design, research and development, wafer fabrication to marketing of brand name products, Winbond endeavors to provide its global clientele top quality of low to medium density memory solutions.

Own 12-inch Fab

Winbond specializes in the design of high-performance, low-power memory, and riding on the strength of having a 12-inch fab, offers a whole series of SLC code storage NAND flash memory and Mobile DRAM products. Our in house wafer fabrication provides customers with full commitment in capacity support as well as delivery flexibility.

Longevity Support

Winbond Electronics Corporation, a longtime provider of memory semiconductors, is now offering a Winbond Product Longevity Program (WPLP) for applications that require long-term support which offers stability and longevity for long-life applications that need support for 5+ to 10 years.



Ball Package Size(mm) MCP Part Number Density I/O Bus DRAM Type Status Industrial
Flash DRAM Flash DRAM Automotive Industrial
162 8x10.5x1.0 W71NW10GE3FW 1Gb 512Mb 8 32 LPDDR2 - N Contact us
162 8x10.5x1.0 W71NW10HE3FW 1Gb 512Mb 8 32 LPDDR2 - P Contact us
162 8x10.5x1.0 W71NW10HM3FW 1Gb 1Gb 8 32 LPDDR2 - P Contact us
162 8x10.5x1.0 W71NW20GF3FW 2Gb 1Gb 8 32 LPDDR2 - N Contact us
162 8x10.5x1.0 W71NW20KM3FW 2Gb 1Gb 8 32 LPDDR2 - N Contact us
162 8x10.5x1.0 W71NW20KJ3FW 2Gb 2Gb 8 32 LPDDR2 - N Contact us
162 8x10.5x1.0 W71NW42KJ3FW 4Gb 2Gb 8 32 LPDDR2 - N Contact us

Status:P= Mass Production, S= Samples, UD= Under Development, N= Not Recommended For New Design
All Winbond Flash products are "Green", Halogen-Free and RoHS compliant packaging. Refer to the datasheet for details and specifications.


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