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Serial Flash, Parallel Flash, and DRAM

The automobile has transformed into the most sophisticated electronic device in the market. Consumer electronics are being added to the automobile. Electronic innovation is needed to comply with regulation. Safety and efficiency cannot be done without electrification of the car. The fundamental platform consists of microcontrollers and embedded memory.

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Automotive safety has a new name – ADAS. Several automakers have set their goal to achieve zero fatalities by 2020. This can only be achieved by electronic innovation with the highest quality and reliability. Winbond is at the forefront of memory needs for ADAS.

Instrument Clusters

Digital displays have been added to automotive dashboards to provide more information about the car as well as improve safety. Instant on and real time 2D/3D image rendering can be achieved with fast processing along with Winbond’s NOR Flash and DRAM.


Infotainment is a term to describe the convergence of comfort, entertainment, and safety information into the center console. Here is also where consumer applications are brought into the car, allowing passengers to access feature rich content. Winbond’s long history in the consumer market is now brought to the automotive infotainment market with small packages for space constrained applications and high density for advanced applications.