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Mobile DRAM

Winbond Electronics Corporation is a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions to the consumer, computer, communications, and electronics product markets. Winbond developed the mobile DRAM devices with a low IDD current value, which helps Winbond to extend mobile DRAM memory applications beyond the mobile phone and tablet market to areas of mobile consumer electronics and mobile communication. Winbond mobile DRAM devices support both x16 and x32 data widths. Major features for the families of products shown in the table below include the following: Sequential or Interleave burst、High Clock rate、Standard Self Refresh、Partial-Array Self Refresh (PASR)、Automatic Temperature Compensated Self Refresh Rate(ATCSR)、Deep Power-Down (DPD)、and Programmable output buffer driver strength. Please refer to the datasheets for specific features. They are ideal for portable multimedia players, wearable devices, automotive applications, consumer electronics, gaming devices, and mobile devices.