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  • Date 2019/12
    Milestones Winbond is the top supplier of NOR Flash memories worldwide
  • Date 2019/09
    Milestones Successfully launched LPDDR4/LPDDR4X Products with self-developed 25nm process technology
  • Date 2019/07
    Milestones Beam-raising ceremony for Kaohsiung Fab
  • Date 2018/11
    Milestones Winbond 1.2V Serial NOR Flash won "The 2018 World Electronics Achievement Award for Memory of the Year" from the ASPENCORE Double Summits
  • Date 2018/10
    Milestones Began construction for new Kaohsiung Fab
  • Date 2018/09
    Milestones Started Volume ramp up of DRAM product with self-developed 25nm process technology
  • Date 2018/07
    Milestones Winbond Electronics Corporation completes listing of NT$10 Billion secured ordinary corporate bonds
  • Date 2017/12
    Milestones The Company issued 400,000,000 common shares at NT$22 per share. Accumulated capital is NT$39,800,001,93
  • Date 2017/07
    Milestones Winbond TrustMETM Secure Element passed Common Criteria EAL 5+ and EMVCo certificates
  • Date 2017/06
    Milestones Received “ The Third Corporate Governance Evaluation Award ” from Taiwan Stock Exchange and was listed as a component stock of “TWSE CG 100 Index ”and“ Taiwan HC100 Index”

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