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  • Winbond Memory Solution for Your Automotive

    There will be more IoT devices connected to cars in the future. Traditional Auto-Electronics like GPS/Infotainment, Cluster Controller and Engine Control use NOR-Flash and NAND-Flash. Winbond will focus on new segments such as ADAS and ADAS system programming as well as software stacks for autonomou...

  • How new diagnostic data and operations equip Flash memory ICs for the demands of the automotive functional safety standard

    NOR Flash has been a dependable technology in vehicles for many years, and today is used in various automotive systems, including the instrument cluster and in infotainment and telematics systems (see Figure 1). In these applications, this non-volatile memory provides storage capacity for applicatio...

  • High Performance QspiNAND taps into explosive growth in demand for automotive memory

    Demand for automotive memory is showing explosive growth in recent years as a result of maturing ADAS technology, increasing demand for in-vehicle infotainment systems and automotive display as well as instrument cluster display gradually upgrading from conventional 4.5-inch panels to 12.3-inch smar...

  • Winbond Electronics Enters Automotive Flash Memory Market

    Winbond Electronics Enters Automotive Flash Memory Market Serial Flash Memory Leader Applies its Design, Manufacturing Expertise to Provide TS16949-Certified, AEC-Q100-Qualified Devices to Rapidly Expanding Market SAN JOSE, Calif., USA – Feb. 27, 2012 --Winbond Electronics Corp., a leading global su...

  • Automotive Flash Product Brief

  • Solution for Automotive application based on the Fourth Generation and its extension version of Low Power DRAM (LPDDR4/4x)

    Trend of Semiconductor Applications in Vehicles Japan announced that it will demonstrate it autonomous vehicle technology during coming Tokyo Olympics as the specific demonstration of intelligent automobile in recent years. Driven by The Fifth Generation Mobile Networks (5G) and Artificial Intellige...

  • A better high-density storage option for sophisticated automotive display applications

    Automotive displays, both in the instrument cluster and in the Centre Information Display (CID), or head unit, are becoming larger, more sophisticated and more numerous. Thanks to the popularity of devices such as tablets and smartphones, car users have grown accustomed to interacting with technolog...


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