Winbond is committed to providing high quality and reliable memory and storage solutions. By working with those authorized distribution networks, customers could enjoy the better service, fast shipping and qualified Winbond products. Moreover, your order and shipment will get dedicated support. To place an order online, we recommend you to choose Winbond authorized e-store partners listed below to complete your purchasing process.


Authorized e-Store Partners


  • Authorized e-Store partners for the global market. The strong network enables Winbond products to be purchased online and shipped globally. If you are looking for Winbond direct shipment, welcome to check TECHDesign from Winbond Group: 

  • Authorized e-Store partners suggested for Japan area: 

  • Authorized e-Store partners suggested for the Greater China: 

*Please note you are now leaving Winbond to a third party site. This order will be processed by our distributor after clicking its name. This means that our distributor is the merchant of record for this transaction. All information you provide there will be subject to privacy, confidentiality, and security terms of the applicable third party site.


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