Winbond will Display Multiple Key Chips and IC Design Technologies at 2007 SemiTech Taipei Exhibition

  • Date:
    May 10 to 12, 2007
    Taipei World Trade Center
    P823, 824, P825, 826

Winbond will attend the upcoming SemiTech Taipei (STT) Exhibition hosted by Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association(TSIA) and Taipei Computer Association(TCA). Multiple Winbond IC designs as well as new products will be on display at theTaipei world Trade Center (May 10 th and 12 th). Our complete product line including Mobile RAM, Computer Logic IC, Flash Memory, and μ C & μC- based Consumer IC etc. will all be on display. Details of products on display as follows: 

Mobile RAM For Mobile Phones 

• SDRAM : 64Mb(W9864 Series) , 128Mb(W9812 Series) and 256Mb(W9825 Series) 
• Largest Capacity Pseudo SRAM on the Market 
• 256MB LowPower DRAM 

Computer Logic IC & Flash Memory For Information Electronics 

• New ICs and Solutions for New Generation PC Platforms 
• Industry's First Mobile Embedded Controllers with SPI ™ Flash Interface and Media Center Compliant Consumer IR Port 
• Sideshow Embedded Controller 
• New Flash Memory Products-16Mb/32Mb SPI & 16Mb/32Mb/64Mb Parallel 

μC and μC Based Consumer IC For Consumer and Automobile Electronics 

• 8-bit (8051 Core) LPC Series And the 32-bit (ARM Core) Microcontroller with Reference Applications 
• W93562 DECT/WDCT Digital Wireless Communication Chip 
• New USB Audio Controller IC Series 
• ISD1700 Voice&Speech ICs (ChipCorder®) 
• Single Programmable Extended CODEC/SLIC IC for the VoIP Market 

More information about 2007 STT Exhibition, visit: http://www.stt.org.tw

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TEL :+886-3-5678168 ext. 8686 

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