Winbond Assists National Chi Nan University in Establishing New Multimedia & Communications Lab

(Taipei News) Winbond Electronics Corporation today announced that on behalf of the corporation, Winbond's President, Dr. C. C. Chang, has donated NT$1.2 million and multimedia and communications equipment to the National Chi Nan University. The equipment, which was warmly received by both teachers and students, was donated to assist in re-establishing the university's laboratory that was seriously damaged by the strong earthquake that shook Taiwan on September 21, 1999. The donation is expected to substantially facilitate the reconstruction of the Multimedia & Communications Lab at Chi Nan University.

Winbond officials noted that the reason the Multimedia & Communications Lab could be re-established so quickly is because former chancellor Dr. J. T. Lee and his colleagues have been great supporters of this and other university labs. In addition, Winbond has also strongly supported these efforts. 

The equipment and facilities donation for the lab included:

* Five TV telephone and network browser development systems; three TV telephone development systems and five network browsers 

* One DECT development system and three DSS data systems

* DVD, VCD and MP3 broadcasting machines

Winbond actively develops its own brand name products and is heavily involved in academic research and activities on the university campus. In the past, Winbond has supported numerous international academic seminars and has sponsored research programs and scientific competitions.

Due to the current strong boom in the global network system and communications business, one of Winbond's efforts, for the next 2 to 3 years, will be to focus on network and communication IC product development. As part of that effort, Winbond will assist Chi Nan University in re-establishing the Multimedia & Communications Lab by providing laboratory equipment and facilities. It is Winbond's intent to supply the Intellectual Engineering Department with adequate equipment and facilities for conducting academic and application research and developing creative ideas into innovative new products and technologies

The General IC Business Group of Winbond, by focusing its efforts on non-DRAM IC product development and production, has gained wide acceptance for its products and services from both domestic and overseas system manufacturers. This year, the General IC Business Group will launch a new series of digital consumer ICs, communication ICs, and video conference and network products. The majority of the group's revenue growth this year is expected to come mainly from growth in flash memory, LCD driven ICs and network system related IC markets.

As a cradle for educational growth and academic excellence, Chi Nan University has cultivated a large pool of intellectual talent and established a good reputation as a world-class educational institution. Winbond Electronics, one of the largest IC manufacturers marketing its own brand-name products, has a strategic focus on product development and technology improvement. The Company hopes to set an industry wide standard for cooperation between business enterprises and academic institutions. Working together, business and academia can enhance the competitive strength of Taiwan on a global basis. 

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