Winbond Receives"Outstanding Electronic Components Suppliers of Year 2000" Award

(Taipei News) Winbond Electronics Corporation today announced that it had recently been awarded the,"Outstanding Electronics Components Suppliers of Year 2000" honor. The award was jointly awarded by the Micro Electronics Magazine and three major industry associations including the Taiwan Electrical & Electronic Manufacturers' Association, Taipei Computer Association and Taipei Electronic Components Suppliers Association. Winbond was selected among a number of candidates. The candidates were judged on Technical support capability, product delivery, product stability, product efficiency, and service attitude where Winbond scored well among the top candidates. The Company placed first in the areas of future development potential and product price competitiveness. Overall, Winbond ranked the second in nine categories following a comprehensive evaluation among 168 candidates. The achievement reflects WinbondĄŚs successful efforts over the past years to improve product quality, technology development and customer service. 

Because all the candidates were all electronic components suppliers and agents, and all voters were the members of Taiwan Electrical & Electronic Manufacturers' Association and Taipei Computer Association, the judging was considered among the most valid and professional in the industry. The votersĄŚ current jobs are mainly as employees of computer systems, peripheral, motherboard, interface, communication and consumer electronic product manufacturers. The evaluation categories including ranking candidates on product delivery, product price competitiveness, research and development creativity, technical support capability, product stability, brand image, future development potential and service attitude, etc.

Recently, Winbond attained a new level of competitiveness in the IC business and is now on par with world giants in production technology. The Company is also very competitive in product quality, product delivery and production costs. In the past, Winbond has placed a tremendous amount of financial resources and manpower on advanced product development and improvements in production technology as part of providing world class customer service to the customers. The Company has also been focusing on establishing WinbondĄŚs technical superiority. The DRAM Business Group continuously strives to improve production technology, increase production capacity and reduce product cost. In April of this year, the DRAM Business Group signed a joint technology development agreement with Toshiba to develop both 0.13-micron trench dynamic memory technology and high grade 512 MB DRAM production. In May, Winbond announced a joint technical development alliance with Toshiba and Fujitzu for the preliminary target of development of 0.13-micron advanced DRAM production. In July, the General IC Business Group launched the worldĄŚs first Internet USB TA chip through ISDN. The two business groups have striven to provide a complete customer service network and have based their overall strategy on offering customers a complete suite of, Ą§ The Winning SolutionsĄ¨.

For the aspect of product quality, Winbond obtained ISO 9001 quality certification in 1993 and ISO 14001 certification in 1998. More recently, the Company successfully was awarded QS-9000 quality certification. This system is a specific requirement of automobile industry and crucial for evaluating components and materials suppliers widely use. It is widely regarded as one of the most stringent quality assurance systems in the world, and is one of the most demanding product quality certifications required by many international enterprises. Winbond is dedicated to following the QS-9000 specifications, providing quick and effective service to its customers, and becoming the product provider of choice for its customers.

The award received by Winbond is not only an honor for the Company, but also a driving force for further improvement. In the future, Winbond will continue to stress making advancements in new product and production technology development, improve product quality, and continue to move forward with its win-win strategy for the betterment of its customers. 

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