Winbond Appoints Mr. Hui-Ming Cheng as New CFO Corporate Finance, 2000

(Taipei News) Winbond Electronics Corporation today announced that as of December 11, 2000, the company has appointed Mr. Hui-Ming Cheng as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Financial Center for Winbond Electronics Corporation. Mr. Cheng will be responsible for overseeing the finance and accounting businesses of the company. The former Vice President of the Financial Center, Ms. Yung Chin, has been appointed Chief Auditor of Winbond Electronics Corporation with responsibility for the overall management of auditing as well as for improving business operation procedures for the company.

Mr. Cheng was formerly general manager of Hua-Kai Financing Consultation Company. His major responsibilities included fund raising and investment management for that bank's Development & Investment Fund. His business investment efforts covered Singapore, Thailand, Mainland China and Taiwan. Mr. Cheng managed the selling of overseas and domestic stocks, exchanges on the bond market, and company acquisitions in Hong Kong. He also assisted in drafting the development strategy for the company, and was the deputy general manager of financing of a foreign bank with responsibility for investment banking business. Mr. Cheng graduated from Chemical Engineering Department of Taiwan University, and holds master degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of California Los Angeles and an MBA from Indiana University.

Dr. Ching-Chu Chang, the Presiednt of Winbond Electronics Corporation, noted that Ms. Yung Chin , the former Vice President of Financial Center, joined Winbond in 1994 and for more than six years, was the Vice President of Administration Center. She was then appointed to the position of Vice Preseident of Financial Center. Ms. Yung Chin successfully oversaw the Corporate-wide effort to take Winbond public. The Company began trading on the Taiwan stock market in 1995. During her service as the Vice President of Financial Center, Ms. Yung Chin successfully completed a number of key fund raising activities to meet Winbond's growing business development requirements. She also was a key player in the improvement of the Company's administrative operation procedures and was instrumental in establishing the Company's organizational delegation system. Under Ms. Yung Chin's management, the Company standardized its operation procedure and successfully introduced a new SAP accounting system in 2000 that significantly improved operating efficiency.

"In the past few years, the accounting and administration functions of Winbond have improved significantly under Ms. Yung Chin's management, especially in the areas of planning and balancing the books and financial fund raising," President Ching-Chu Chang noted. "This new arrangement will allow Winbond to expand its business scope and extend strategic efforts globally. In the future, Ms. Yung Chin will continue to work with closely with all of us to further improve organization functional procedures, increase enterprise electrification and enhance internal auditing functions."

Winbond expects to leverage the extensive professional financing and accounting background of Mr. Hui-Ming Cheng, in concert with its plans for further streamlining its business operations and extending its global market reach. 

Winbond's strategy is to continuously develop and increase market demand for its General IC Business Group products and technologically advanced DRAM Business Group thereby providing a comprehensive suite of the Company's, "Winning Solutions". Long-term, the Company is focused on increasing its global market share in the IC business. Combined these efforts will ensure Winbond's position as a premiere supplier, worldwide, of SOC (System-on-a-chip).

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