Winbond Electronics Corporation Announces Organizational Changes

[Taipei News] Winbond Electronics Corporation announced today a number of key organizational changes in its senior level management. The changes are designed to increase the Company's competitive position in the market by more closely aligning its core management expertise with current business conditions. The changes are as follows:

The Company has created a new position,"Chief Officer of Strategic Development" reporting directly to the president office. This key position has been assigned to Dr. Archie Yeh, who was formerly the Company's General Manager of Logic IC Business Group. The Company has tasked Dr. Yeh with managing Winbond's mid to long term strategic development. He will also be responsible for planning and executing major strategic projects with other companies, exploring investment opportunities, acquisitions and enhancing internal business development functions.

The Vice President of Sales Center, Dr. In-Shek Hsu, will take over as General Manager of Logic IC Business Group, with responsibility for all logic product design, R&D and sales promotion.

The position of Vice President of Sales Center will now be the responsibility of the Company's former Technology Executive, Dr. Tung-Yi Chan. Dr. Chan will have responsibility for worldwide product sales.

Because of the major changes in the global semiconductor business during the past year, Winbond has revised several key aspects of its corporate strategy to match the competitive conditions of the market and to aggressively strengthen the Company's position in key niche markets. The former General Manager of Logic IC Business Group, Dr. Yeh, as the newly appointed Chief Officer of Strategic Development, will be actively engaged in product line development and expanding the Company's international market reach. The Company expects Dr. Yeh's contribution in this area will increase the company's overall standing in the marketplace during this crucial time of keen business competition.

Dr. In-Shek Hsu joined the Company 12 years ago and was the Company's director of PC division. In the last five years Dr. Hsu has devoted himself in Sales, where he successfully established sales networks in Europe, Japan and China regions while building strong relationships with key customers. As the Company's new General Manager of Logic IC Business Group, Dr. Hsu is tasked with taking that business group to the next level of growth by expanding the Company's logic product portfolio and penetrating key markets. The Company believes that Dr. Hsu's professional background, which includes extensive experience in R&D, a thorough understanding of the market and of customer needs, will enable Winbond to develop more products and technology to meet the growing needs of customers worldwide.

The company promoted Dr. Tung-Yi Chan to Vice President of Sales Center with responsibility of heading up product sales worldwide. Dr. Chan holds a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from University of California, Berkeley. He has joined Winbond since 1995, and has held various positions as Director of NVM Technology Development Division, AVP of Third Product Center, and President of WECA. In September 2000, Dr. Chan was recommended by the company to join the Sloan Program in Stanford University, and was granted with master degree in July, 2001. He worked for Intel and Cypress Semiconductor before joining Winbond.The Company expects Dr. Chan's extensive global experience will enable the Company to expand its worldwide market presence in a challenging business environment.

The Chairman of Winbond, Mr. Arthur, C.Y. Chiao, expressed his confidence in the Company's such new management organization which he expects will effectively leverage the Company's senior level management and in turn, enhance the Corporation's competitive position in the global semiconductor market.

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