Winbond Electronics Corporation Launches Winbond's Enterprise Intelligence System"WEIS"

(Hsin Chu News) Winbond Electronic Corporation today launched the Winbond Enterprise Intelligence System (WEIS), a tool aimed at increasing the Company's competitiveness in the market place. WEIS is one of the IT applications promotion projects led by Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economics Affairs (MOEA-DOIT). The announcement was made at a formal press conference held today at the Hsin Chu Science-Based Industrial Park with attendances of Dr. Jung-Chiou Huang, Director General of MOEA-DOIT, Dr. Lian Shen Tung, Deputy Director General of Hsin Chu Science-Based Industrial Park Administration, and other government officials. Winbond's President, Dr. C.C. Chang gave a speech at the event.

For the past two years, with the support of MOEA-DOIT, Winbond has been aggressively working on developing information systems throughout the Company. Winbond has been working in close cooperation with the Government as they push for an industry-wide information policy.The Corporation's strategy is based on the management philosophy of planning first and then thoroughly documenting every operational flow on the Company's enterprise network. The goal is to construct a global operational structure, in a paperless forum; the Winbond Enterprise Intelligence System. The intent of the system is to maximize Winbond's effectiveness on managing information and to streamline decision making.

The plan builds on management's," Day-to-Day Operation Flow System," which includes thoroughly estimating the scope of work, estimating the amount of human resources, the life cycle of resources, revenue and expenditures, sales and shipments, and documenting other operational and management issues. The intended result should be accurate estimates of the work mapped out and the effective execution of projects with realistic records of information and activities. This kind of data serves as an important support tool for developing estimation models. Winbond has already completed its, "Advanced Planning Management," and intends to provide company-wide support, for WEIS. This is so that every management level can develop an estimate model necessary for advance management, build into the system warning signals and targets to increase productivity, and generate plans for mapping out response measures. The overall result should be improved planning. 

Through the WEIS planning Winbond, estimates that operationally, each department using the plan should be able to save between one and two percent of non-depreciation costs. The results become more apparent when using 2001 as an example. Based on 2001 costs, using the system would have saved an estimated NT $390 million in expenditures.

Through Microsoft's support and consulting expertise on information technology, Winbond has integrated advanced information technology into the Company's planning processes. Shine Wave International Inc. and OpenPath Corporation also provided support and with the guidance from MOEA-DOIT , Winbond plans to finish its plan. This plan is one of the best examples of cooperation of the country's sectors; industry, government, education and research which together, have helped to raise the international competitiveness of Taiwan's semiconductor companies.

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