Winbond Electronics Corporation held the ground breaking ceremony for the 12 inch fabrication plant at Central Taiwan Science Park

Winbond Electronics Corporation held its ground breaking ceremony for the new 12-inch fab at Central Taiwan Science Park on July 23. Guests present to witness this historical event included Mao-Kun Wu, Minister of the National Science Council, Wen-Ke Yang, Deputy General Director of the Central Taiwan Science Park Provisional Office, Chung-Sheng Huang, governor of Taichung County, Jason Hu, Mayor of Taichung City, Ching-Tang Chang, President of Taichung County Council and Hung-Nien Chang, President of Taichung City Council.

Winbond's 12-inch fab grounded 12.73 hectares. Following the completion of the overall structure of the fab, subsequent installment of equipment will ensue in the middle of 2005. By the 4th quarter of 2005, a pilot-run phase will begin, as to mass production schedule should be started in the 1st quarter of 2006. The total manufacturing capacity of the fab is 48,000 wafers per month. In the initial stage, manufacturing capacity is estimated to be 24,000 wafers per month and investment funding in this phase requires the funding of 49 billion NT dollars. The 0.11-micron process technology will then be implemented, followed by the 0.09-micron and below process technologies, to promote better processing ability. Specialty DRAMs, Mobile RAM and Flash Memory will be the main products produced at the 12-inch fab.

Winbond currently has three fabrication plants. The 6-inch wafer fab mainly produces wafers for logic products such as consumer product ICs, PC & peripheral product ICs, and network access related product ICs. The manufacturing capacity is around 50,000 pieces of wafers per month. The two 8-inch fabs mainly produce memory products including Specialty DRAMs, Flash Memory and Pseudo SRAMs. The manufacturing capacity is around 40,000 pieces of wafers per month. Because the current capacity for the three fabs has reached its maximum capacity and more advanced process technology is needed to meet the demands of product development, Winbond committed to build a 12-inch fab at the Central Taiwan Science Park. This new plant will play a crucial role in enhancing the long-term competitive ability of Winbond's future development.

After the 12-inch fab is fully operational, Winbond will be able to reap the benefits from the synergy achieved amongst the different product lines, given the elevated level of production technology attained, the more complete line of products provided, and the comprehensive services provided to customers. In addition, the completion of Winbond's 12-inch fab will not only enhance the development of the high-tech industry at the Central Taiwan Science Park, but will also create more job opportunities, which will be a key contributing factor to the economic prosperity of the Taichung area.


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