Winbond Electronics Cooperation Announces Executive Organizational Change

(Taipei News) The Board of Directors of Winbond Electronics Corporation elected Mr. Arthur Y. C. Chiao as Chairman & CEO of the company and Mr. C.C. Chang as Vice Chairman and Deputy CEO in its June 10th Board meeting. The board also appointed Mr. I.S. Hsu as President & COO of the company to be effective on August 1st.

Dr. Chang has built solid foundation for the company by installing effective management system,developing professional talents and directing business strategies since January 1999 when he took over the presidency. He succeeded in leading Winbond into specialty DRAM business. As Vice Chairman and Deputy CEO, Dr. Chang will continue to assist in the management of the company's operations. In addition, Dr.Chang will be in charged with technology development, knowledge/MIS management and financial management.

Dr. Hsu will be responsible for Winbond's overall operations.Dr. Hsu received Bachelor and Master degrees in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University. He also holds a Ph D. degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California. He was affiliated with the Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan. In Winbond, he has held various positions including the director of the Personal Computer Business division, the sales AVP and VP, and the VP of the logic Business group. He is seasoned in product development and marketing, and is one of the key personnel that Winbond views as leaders of the company.

The newly appointed President,Dr. Hsu, wants to turn the company into a one that is customer oritented,emphasizes on product quality. Furthermore, speed and efficiency will be viewed by him as important management targets.

For Logic business, Winbond will reinforce the integration among existing products. The acquisition of National Semiconductor's Advanced PC division will enhance its ability in providing solutions to NB and servers markets. Winond will continue to strive to be more competitive in consumer electronics, PC, and communications areas in order to serve customers' demands. The 12" fab in Taichung will provide ample opportunities for its memory business. It will bring the company one step further to its target of being an important supplier in "Mobile Memory Solution". The 12" fab (The expanded capacity ) will satisfy customers' increasing needs in mobile related products.

Management succession is one of the keys to maintaining the success of a company. With this succession taking place, Winbond is geared to advance further in the challenging semiconductor industry.

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