Winbond Electronics Corporation Considers Establishing A New Subsidiary Designated for the Logic IC Product Business

(Taipei News) Winbond Electronics Corporation today held its Board of Directors Meeting on October 2nd, 2007 where the Board authorized the chief executive officer, Mr. Arthur Y. C. Chiao, to form a task force to evaluate the establishment of a new wholly-owned subsidiary. The new subsidiary will set its focus on logic IC business and be founded as soon as the shareholders’ meeting approves the proposal in 2008.

Following on its recent organizational change dividing the company into five business groups officially effective on October 1st, 2007, Winbond now further considers forming a new subsidiary dedicated to the fields of logic IC design, manufacturing and sales. This strategy, Winbond stated, will furthermore reinforce the reorganization that divides its business into five groups and provide more operation freedom and flexibility to both Memory IC and Logic IC businesses. In the future, Winbond’s Logic IC business will be less susceptible to the huge fluctuations in the memory market, therefore, ensure a better operation performance. On the other hand, the Memory IC business will accommodate itself to the fast-moving industry and make strategic investments according to the market trend. With this strategy, Winbond streamlines its business model and further enhances the operation efficiency.

Winbond, as a leading brand-name IC product company with the capabilities of design, R&D, manufacturing, sales and marketing, has entered its twentieth year. The company maintains its advantageous position in the semiconductor industry in virtue of its dynamic operation strategies and steady financial structure. As the difference by nature between logic IC and memory IC continues to diverge day by day, this strategy will help Winbond to have a good grasp of market trend and maintain its long-term competitiveness for both logic and memory products.

    Wilson Wen
    Vice President of Administrative Center

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