Winbond Electronics Corporation and Insolvency Administrator of Qimonda AG Enter a Product Transfer and Technology Licensing Agreement for Graphic DRAM

Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.-August, 12, 2009- Winbond Electronics Corporation today announced entering into a license and sale and purchase agreement regarding Graphics Double Data Rate (GDDR), a 5th addendum to the know how transfer and license agreement, and a settlement agreement for insolvency proceedings with the insolvency administrator of Qimonda AG.

Under the agreements, Winbond acquires licenses under patents, know how and software from Qimonda to design, develop, manufacture and sell Graphic DRAM products; and the parties agree to extend the licensing scope under the existing license agreement. Both parties reached agreement on their respective claims available under the Qimonda insolvency proceedings.

As one of the leading supplier of specialty memory products for applications in Information Technology Equipments, Consumer Electronics, Cellular Handsets, the successful acquisition of Qimonda’s GDDR-related products and technologies will enable Winbond to create new business opportunities in the blooming desktop, notebook and game console markets.

As a result of the new addition of GDDR business, Winbond will accelerate delivery of a full portfolio of specialty memory products and further expand its core business and product advantages.


    Wilson Wen
    Executive Vice President of Memory IC Manufacturing Business Group 

News Liaison
    Mike Liu
    Deputy Director

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