Winbond Monthly Revenue Report For January, 2000

Revenue for January 2000 was NT$3.54 billion, compared to NT$2.07 billion reported for January, 1999. This reflects an increase of 70.82% over the same period last year. 

The first quarter of the year is typically a slow period for semiconductor sales. This trend, coupled with a slight decrease in the price of DRAMs, and the lost of several working days due to a scheduled maintenance program conducted earlier this month, caused a slight decrease in revenue when compared to last month. Beginning in the second quarter of 2000, the Company expects to ramp-up its recently introduced 0.175- micron technology which is used for producing various 64M, 128M and 256M DRAM products. Production capacity is expected to gradually increase to 30,000/wafers a month by the end of this year. The Company also expects that, due strong market demand, technology improvements and its expanded production capacity, both its General IC Business Group and DRAM Business Group will experience significant growth, resulting in a considerable revenue increase for the Company. 

Winbond Electronics Corp. Monthly Business Revenue Report (Unit: NT$ 1,000)
Monthly Revenue
2000 January 3,540,942
1999 January 2,072,923
Increase (Decrease) 70.82%



*Please note that this 2000 financial information has not been audited by a CPA.



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