Winbond Electronics Corporation Monthly Revenue Report For July, 2001

(Taipei News) Winbond Electronics Corporation today announced its monthly revenue results for the month of July 2001. Revenue for the month was approximately NT $1.596 billion, a decrease of 69.53 percent when compared with NT $5.238 billion over the same period last year. Accumulated revenue for January to July 2001 was NT $14.857 billion; a decrease of nearly 43.93 percent when compared with NT $26.499 billion over the same period last year.

Despite a decrease in revenue, the Company's Logic Product Business Group, Super I/O IC products in particular, reported strong sales. This increase was due primarily to seasonal demand. In addition, the Company continued to experience a steady increase in the sales of TFT-LCD driver IC products. At the same time, pricing for DRAM continued to decline worldwide. Nevertheless, Winbond continued to focus on decreasing manufacturing costs in Fabs 4 and 5. Winbond has gradually transitioned the majority of its DRAM manufacturing to 0.175-micron process (equivalent to 0.16 micron process). This has enabled the Company to compete more effectively in the marketplace. Despite unpredictable economic conditions and the business challenges that the Company has faced, Winbond continues to focus on its long-term business strategy of technical and product development. The Company's continued focus on decreasing manufacturing costs and balancing its product portfolio with ICs targeted at growth markets, will enable the company to compete more effectively in the global markeplace. 

Winbond Electronics Corp. Monthly Business Revenue Report (Unit: NT$ 1,000)
Monthly Revenue
Accumulated Revenue
2001 July 1,596,033  2001  Jan.~July 14,857,273
2000 July 5,237,681  2000  Jan.~July 26,498,704
Increase (Decrease) (69.53)% Increase (Decrease) (43.93)%


Note : Please note that the results issued herein represent internally generated financial information that has not yet been audited by an independent, third party CPA.



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