Winbond Electronics Corporation Announces Monthly Revenue Results For January, 2002

(Taipei News)Winbond Electronics Corporation today announced its monthly revenue results for the month of January 2002.Revenue for the month was approximately NT $2.644 billion, an increase of 8.6 percent when compared with NT $2.434 billion over the same period last year.

Revenue for December 2001 was NT $2.038 billion, so month over month, the Company experienced a 30 percent increase in revenue in January. This month's revenue results also reflect six continuous months of steadily increasing revenue.January 2002 revenue results are also the highest monthly revenue results for Winbond in the past 12 months and illustrate the Company's operational results and business conditions in general, continue to improve. Winbond estimates that this year's first quarter revenues will surpass last year's fourth quarter revenue; operational income is also expected to improve.

Because DRAM pricing continued to rebound, in January, the Company's DDR production also increased.Shipments increased as the production process continued migrating to 0.175-micron shrink process (about 0.16-micron). It is anticipated that in February 2002, 0.16-micron will comprise more than half of the Company's DRAM production.Currently, the Company's 0.13-micron pilot run for 256Mb and 512Mb DRAM has shown good results.Winbond estimates that by the third quarter of 2002, 256Mb DRAM manufactured using 0.13-micron processing, will be shipped in volume quantities.

The demand for motherboard products in the Company's Logic IC business increased in January due to higher demand experienced prior to the Chinese New Year.This improvement in demand was reflected in increased revenue.TFT-LCD driver and multimedia ICs, bolstered by market demand, reported stronger sales. Finally, FLASH memory, positively impacted by increased sales of the products mentioned above, also showed good results.

Winbond Electronics Corp. Monthly Business Revenue Report (Unit: NT$ 1,000) 

Monthly Revenue
2002 January 2,644,325
2001 January 2,434,025
Increase (Decrease) 8.6%

Note : The results reported herein represent internally generated financial information that has not yet been audited by an independent, third party CPA. 




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