Winbond Electronics Corporation Announces Monthly Revenue Results for January, 2003

(Taipei News) Winbond Electronics Corporation, a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions, today announced revenue results for the month of January 2003. Revenue for the month was approximately NT $2. 604 billion, a decrease of 1.54 percent, when compared with NT $2.644 billion over the same period last year. 

January operating revenue grew approximately 2.7 percent over the previous month. Despite declining prices for DDR DRAM products in January, Winbond maintained advances in technological development and cost reductions, countering the slide in pricing with high-end products including DDR 333 and DDR 400 as well as other specialty DRAM. A concerted effort is currently underway in 0.13-micron DDR production. In the first quarter of 2003, Winbond projects that its output for 0.13-micron output is projected to account for 33 percent of the Company's total DRAM output. Meanwhile, shipments of small quantities of DDR 400 have commenced; when the Intel chip module is introduced into the market, Winbond will produce and supply DDR 400 according to market demands. With respect to Logic products, the Company's January operating revenue also grew slightly over results from the previous month. This was primarily due to the effects of the lunar New Year holiday that provided the impetus for increased demand in input/output controllers and non-volatile memory used in personal computers. Additionally, with the increased acceptance of TFT-LCD panels, demand for TFT-LCD driver ICs remains strong.

Entering the second year of its evolving business strategy, Winbond Electronics is continuing to make excellent progress toward becoming a Mobile Solution Provider. Currently, in anticipation of growth opportunities in the 2.5G generation color mobile phone market the Company has already introduced low-power SDRAM for use in mobile telephones and microchips for digital cameras. In its Logic product business, short message system (SMS) IC orders continue to be strong in the Company's primary markets--Mainland China and Europe. 

Winbond Electronics Corp. Monthly Business Revenue Report (Unit: NT$ 1,000)
Monthly Revenue
2003 January 2,603,534
2002 January 2,644,325
Increase (Decrease) (1.54)%


Note : The 2003 revenue is internal data and has not been audited by a CPA.


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